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Ready For An Adventure?

There is something really valuable about setting aside a period of time to be equipped and trained so we are functioning in all God is calling us to. We recently made significant changes to our training and discipleship process to make it more attainable for more people. This new process aims to provide you with more discipleship, equipping, training and practical tools to help you live out God’s calling on your life.

  • 1. Membership Course:

    Our three-week Membership Course takes an in-depth look at our purpose, values and history. In it, we share stories from the early days that shaped who we are as a church and capture how we live out our values. You will learn about our church structure, how we operate as an organization and where we’re going as a congregation. We will also explain what it means to be a member at Antioch, help you connect to a Lifegroup if you are not already involved in one and share how you can make an impact by volunteering with one of our ministries. At the end of the course you will have the opportunity to place membership.

  • 2. Vision and Values Course:

    After completing the Membership Course and placing membership your next step is to attend our 13-week Vision and Values Course. This course gives us a chance to come together and learn more about the core values for our congregation. Throughout the course, we will not only hear one of our leaders talk about our values, but we will also have an opportunity to get in small groups to discuss how we can implement these values into our everyday lives.

  • 3. Discipleship School:

    We want everyone to have the opportunity to discover how to walk out their destiny in God in a discipleship environment designed to challenge them and take them deeper into their relationship with Jesus. In the past, the day and night schools have been nine months long. However, we are adjusting them to be one semester long and implementing some other changes with hopes that more people will be able to take part in our discipleship schools.

    • Day School: The Day School is going to be full-time and is primarily a hands-on learning environment. The Day School is designed for young adults and those who have the capacity to attend the school full-time. The school will have an extended overseas outreach and will run every fall and every spring.
    • Night School: The Night School will combine instruction with hands-on learning. It is designed primarily for those with a full-time job or families. It will be one night a week and one Saturday a month for a semester. There will also be a week-long overseas outreach.
    • International School: This is for those who can’t wait to get overseas. Our international schools will provide a combination of instructional learning and real-time missions experience. We have two international schools, one in Asia and one in the Middle East and both run for nine months at a time.
  • 4. Church Planting School:

    Our church planting school will run every fall and every spring and is geared for those who feel God is calling them to the nations long term.



We encourage you to pray and ask God if this is an Acts 19 time in your life where you can be trained and equipped for what He has called you to.
If you are interested in one of our discipleship schools, the deadline to apply is April 1st. Find more information and apply online or by calling 254-754-0386.

Outreach in Capetown: A Testimony from the Antioch Discipleship School

When we first landed in Cape Town, South Africa we knew it would be a battle to stay focused on our mission with all of the beautiful mountains and beaches surrounding us. We had three weeks in paradise but were there for a bigger purpose – God’s purpose.

Our main goal was to minister to students from the University of Cape Town and connect them to Lifegroups. For the first couple of days we didn’t have much response from students and became discouraged. There was one team meeting where we each had to express our level of contentment with thumbs up, thumbs down or somewhere in between – the “thumbmometer.”  All but two people had thumbs all the way down indicating our team was a feeling pretty discouraged and worn out.

But the turn around came when we realized we were trying too hard. Jesus never set aside a specific time to heal the sick and feed the hungry. He did not set aside a couple hours a day to perform miracles; He did it as He went. He made it a way of life. So our team developed an, “as we go” mentality. For some of us that meant getting coffee and talking to students at the coffee shop. For others it meant going to Crossfit classes downtown and ministering to the instructors and members of the gym.

At the end of the first week one of our teammates, Chris, saw a guy wearing a pair of shorts he liked. Chris had been looking for a pair to buy and decided to ask him where he bought them. This simple question sparked an hour and a half long conversation where Chris was able to share his own testimony and ask the guy, Nick, about his faith.

Nick told him he had been trying to rediscover his faith but had so many unanswered questions that it was hard for him to wrap his mind around God. The Christians he knew weren’t willing to answer his questions and made him feel like he was being offensive for asking them. Chris explained how God made Nick’s mind to ask questions and that God was not offended by it.

A few days later the two went hiking and were able to sort through more of Nick’s questions. Chris found most of his questions could be answered with the Gospel. Chris explained it is out of relationship with God that he follows what the Bible says to do, and as Christians we obey out of love and not obligation. As they hiked back down the mountain Chris felt God bring a verse to mind.

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and they with me.”  Revelation 3:20

When Chris spoke it aloud, Nick responded, “Actually it’s like I’m standing inside, looking out the window excitedly waiting for Jesus to come and hoping He doesn’t forget about me.” Then he asked how to have a relationship with Jesus and decided to give his life to Christ!

We are given a perfect model for mission work when we look at Jesus’ life. It doesn’t have to be a forced and an uncomfortable task. It is as simple as following your own intuition and letting God put people in your path as you go.

While in Cape Town we were able to minister to more than a hundred college students and families. We saw two miraculous healings and four salvations! It is amazing how God can use us more when we choose to rest in Him.

By Ashley Lipscomb, Antioch Discipleship School student

Want to learn more about Antioch Capetown? Head on over to their site and check it out!

Changing the World

Each year, Antioch Discipleship School students take week-long trips to church plants around the country to encourage the churches and reach out in their cities.

This year, the 70+ students from the school were divided into five groups and sent around the country.

Lawrence, Kansas

This group of students got to jump in with the Lawrence church the week of their second church service. They spent their afternoons reaching out on the KU campus and around the city in the evenings. One evening, they went to get some ice cream, and a few of them started talking to a group of freshman girls. That morning, someone on the team felt like God gave them a picture of a crescent moon. One of the girls was wearing a shirt that said “Crescent Moon” in large letters. They shared this with the girl, and she was encouraged and eager to meet up again. After meeting with one of the Waco team members several times, she came to church, stayed late to help and got connected to a leader from Lawrence.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

Antioch A2 is a second-generation church plant, sent out just two months ago by Antioch Dallas to reach out to students at the university campuses and the greater Detroit area. In partnering with the Ann Arbor team, the students’ simple goal was to “make friends for the church.” While there, they had the first two college Lifegroup meetings and gathered contact information for many people who were interested in the church as they boldly reached out and shared the Gospel.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Thirteen students road-tripped down to Baton Rouge to partner with Antioch BR. The church there started their discipleship school this year with eight students, so the Waco students got to spend a lot of time with them – building relationships and reaching out on LSU campus together. They were amazed at the warmth and openness of the students on campus who were eager to be prayed for and encouraged!

Norman, Oklahoma

The students who went to Norman were so encouraged by the culture of freedom and passion of the church there! The church provides rides to Walmart each week for the many international students at OU that are without transportation. Three of the students from Waco were telling people about this service when they met a girl from South Africa who invited them into her home. After talking to her for a while, she opened up and shared with them her birthday had been the day before, but no one had remembered. The students then bought her a cake, celebrated her and encouraged her with the love of God.

Tempe, Arizona

This team of students loved getting to partner with this church plant from Boston. While there, they reached out to students at ASU, which has almost 75,000 students. One afternoon, two of the girls walked around campus with signs reading “need some encouragement?” and “want a compliment?” hoping to start some conversations. They stopped to talk to one guy who said he could use some encouragement. They prayed and asked God to speak to him, and he felt like God told him how to save his marriage. After sharing more with him, he decided to give his life to Jesus! That night, he brought his wife to the college service, and she gave her life to Jesus as well.

Want to have a week like this? Get more information on Antioch Discipleship School.

Owning It

I watched my parents worship.

I watched my parents pursue God’s heart in all facets of life.

I watched my parents fervently pray.

I watched my parents seek God’s will over their own.

I watched my parents dive into the Word, minister to others and faithfully give their lives away for the church.

Watching, however, was not enough.

For many years I got by just by being a good person. I followed the rules and never missed a Sunday. I avoided getting into trouble and deeply desired to please my parents. One day, however, sinful temptation knocked on my door. With fear and timidity, I welcomed it into my life. I allowed my peers’ acceptance to dictate my decisions.  For a while, I felt dirty and ashamed; eventually, I grew numb. My decision to ignore the voice of God and the conviction of the Holy Spirit welcomed in a debilitating spirit of complacency. But it was okay because it still appeared to others I followed Jesus. I performed quite well.

The enemy enabled me to live a double life. Jesus’ kindness did not. My transition into college at Baylor mirrored my transition into a beautifully uncomfortable season of brokenness. My heart became tender again as I grieved over my rebellious ways from high school. It was time to own my sin and cultivate a personal intimacy with the Father. Sounds glorious, right? Not quite. Going to depths with God gets messy.

A few months into life at Baylor, a friend invited me to her Lifegroup. I thought I was attending a casual Bible study. In actuality, this was a group of passionate worshippers committed to bringing the Kingdom of God to Waco. Though a little overwhelmed by the passion and zeal, I knew I had just encountered the most authentic display of church I’d ever seen.

Fast-forward to spring of 2009 and the college ministry spring break trip, Awaken. The morning of the first day I gathered with hundreds of other college students, completely intimidated and regretting my decision to go. Little did I know, this week would reset the trajectory of my life forever.  In the midst of sharing the Gospel for the first time, hearing life-altering teachings, experiencing the richness of true community and encountering God’s presence during extended times of worship, I finally had eyes to see and ears to hear. The love of God was tangible. I began to understand that genuinely encountering the love of God will spur you on to do anything… no matter the cost, risk or sacrifice.

I had heard Antioch’s Discipleship School equipped people to live out the Kingdom in all different spheres of life, while cultivating a deeply personal relationship with Jesus. Sign me up! After graduating, I ventured into a year of the training school which radically challenged and changed me. The training school exceeded my expectations. Halfway through the year, I felt a tug on my heart for Knoxville, Tenessee. My previous idea to move overseas to a third-world country quickly submitted to God’s surprising plan.

God began to birth life and vision for the city of Knoxville in my heart. After many conversations and much praying, I decided to join the Antioch Knoxville staff.  Leaving a beautiful life full of rich friendship in Waco was the best and worst thing I have ever done. In God’s grace and kindness, He led me to the place where I would have the deepest intimacy with Him.

Church-planting in Knoxville has not been a glamorous stroll in the park, but rather a gloriously humbling roller coaster ride. And, there is no place I’d rather be! Jarrod and Jennifer Justice, Greg and Allison Trevathan, and Jeff Jones deserve great honor. I am beyond privileged to work with these five world changers to see Heaven released in Knoxville.  God is moving in this city.

Now, I worship.

I pursue God’s heart in all facets of life.

I pray.

I seek God’s will over my own.

I dive into the Word, minister to others and live a challenging and rich life serving the church.

He has showed me how. He has showed me that He is enough.


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Staff, Antioch Knoxville

Wars, Watermelons and Worship

“So then, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; what is old has passed away – look, what is new has come!”

2 Corinthians 5:17

Growing up, my grandfather would tell us stories from his experience in World War II. One particular story sticks out in my mind about a night he and his Marine buddies were hunkered down in a field, surrounded by the enemy. They had identified the enemy by their round helmets silhouetted against the moonlit sky. He recalls how fear gripped him all night long as he stared at the enemy before him.

Just before dawn and much to their relief, they realized they had been pinned down all night long in a field of watermelons which they had mistaken for enemy helmets. The fierce enemy they imagined had been blown out of proportion by fear and imagination. A new day brought new perspective.

Perspective can easily slip away from each of us.  Sometimes our circumstances are so overwhelming and in our face, it’s all we can do to make it through another day.  Often times those seasons last far longer than we’d like.  What does it take to break free? It takes action on our part. We can’t sit around and wait for the season to end, but instead must proactively engage. One of our greatest weapons in seasons of despair is worship.  It’s the very thing that puts perspective back on our side. It allows us to see who God is and allows him to be bigger than our circumstances. Worship is a matter of thinking right thoughts about who God is. When we understand who He is, we know who we are.

Today through worship, let’s begin to let the old mindsets pass away and fix our eyes on the new that has come.

By Blake Hartsock

Director of Antioch Discipleship School (Day School)