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Awaken 2017: Day 3

We are having an amazing trip so far! We started of day three with our morning session and and our college pastor, Carl Gulley, talked about Kingdom authority. We came together in the afternoon again and heard from Ricky Chelette, leader of Living Hope Ministries. We wrapped up our day with another round of block parties, carnivals and park outreaches where we shared the Gospel and prayed for people.


Most morning sessions usually start out with a dance party and it is a blast!

There is nothing sweeter than gathering each morning to worship and enter in to the presence of God.

Ricky Chelette of Living Hope Ministries, shared a powerful message with us on gender and sexuality.

We are so thankful for our drama teams! They share the story of the Gospel for people, and pave the way for people to know Jesus.

Each night many people gather to watch the Gospel presentation and we have seen many people give their lives to Jesus!

The people of this area are so kind and willing to share their stories with us. They are also so open to hearing what we have to share!

The carnivals we host each day give us an amazing opportunity to share with many people. Fifty people gave their lives to Jesus at our first carnival, and we are expectant for more!

Today, join us in praying for:

  • More salvations! People are hungry and we praying for many to know the love of Jesus.
  • Our students to be filled with boldness as they share the Gospel and pray with people
  • Clear weather and fruitful outreaches

A special shout out to our amazing photographers: Will Aker, Lexy Bishop and Garett Larson!


Awaken 2017: Day 2

We had an amazing second day at AWAKEN! We had our first morning session, followed by service projects in various locations across the city. We ended our day with multiple outreaches, including a carnival, block parties and park outreaches.


We had our first morning session yesterday, and it was powerful!

Our senior pastor Jimmy Seibert shared with us on the father heart of God.

We love getting to roll up our sleeves and serve the people of Edinburg.

We picked up trash in a local neighborhood, served at various churches and did yard work for most of the afternoon.

Each year the Echo Hotel helps us host carnivals at the hotel as a way to bring people in.

We love getting to serve and play with the kids at the carnival and at each of our outreaches.

There is power in prayer, and we believe people’s lives are getting transformed. We take opportunities to share the Gospel and pray with people whenever we can.

Continue to join us in prayer this week! Pray for:

  • Good weather for the rest of the week
  • Our students to encounter Jesus and have powerful morning sessions
  • The people of Edinburg to have open hearts and respond to Jesus

Special shout out to our amazing photographers: Will Aker, Fissy Jejelowo, Lexy Bishop and Kassy Martinez.

Awaken 2017: Day 1

AWAKEN, our College Ministry’s annual spring break mission trip, is officially here! Each year more than 400 college students and leaders head to Edinburg, Texas, excited to share the love of Jesus and serve the people of the Rio Grande Valley.


The morning was spent attending churches throughout the area. Some of our students had the opportunity to help lead worship!

After some down time at the hotel, students headed out on their first round of outreaches.

Our dance teams kick off each of the outreaches.

There are always a ton of kids at the parks, and playing with them is a blast!

We believe our prayers are powerful and effective! // We love having the opportunity to pray with people at the parks.

Each day ends with team time! There is nothing better than gathering together to share testimonies and encouragements

Throughout the week we want to bring you in on all God is doing in Edinburg, so stay tuned for more recaps. And please join us in praying for God to prepare the hearts of individuals and families in Edinburg who will hear the Gospel this week.


Shout out to our amazing volunteer photographers for helping us out this week: Will Aker, Bethany Hicks and Kassy Martinez,