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What God’s doing in SLC

With a major state school of more than 30,000 students right here in our city, one of the things we are believing God for is revival on the campus of the University of Utah. Our team has been here only a few months but we’ve already seen major life transformation in the life of one of our college guys. This is an answer to prayer and a huge victory for the building of the Kingdom of God on the campus of the U.

Our college pastor, Codi Wasion, met Drew playing basketball with a group of students at the U. Drew had just finished his freshman year, far from his hometown, on a scholarship to play golf for the Utes. He told Codi he had spent the year trying out every church in the valley, and he just couldn’t find one where he fit in.

Drew was thinking about transferring closer to home after a hard first year of college — until he got connected to our team. Codi started inviting him to hang out, he started getting discipled by one of the guys on our team, and over the course of the summer something began to shift in Drew’s heart. He was falling in love with Jesus.

He knew he wanted something more than the typical college party scene, and when he started to learn how to spend time with God and began to develop a deeper friendship with Him, he had a pivotal moment with Jesus. One night as he worshiped by himself, Drew said he had a realization that he wanted to give everything to Jesus and really follow him.

A few weeks ago, Drew told Codi, “When I met you I hated this city and the U, and was planning on leaving. You took me in and got me connected and now I can agree with our church’s motto and say that I love this city. I can’t wait to tell everyone I know at the U about church.”

Drew is back home now for a few weeks before classes start, is continuing to spend time with God and is “learning how to really worship.”

We are so encouraged by Drew’s hunger and thirst to see the gospel come to his campus, and we can’t wait to watch him grow in his relationship with Jesus as he begins his sophomore year!

Your prayers play a key role in our team reaching more people like Drew. We invite you to join us in praying for revival in Salt Lake City and for our church to love Jesus, love each other and love this city in such a way that people want to know Jesus.

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Called to Go

As a teenager, I remember reading about mission trips that other teens went on and how it changed their lives and more importantly how it changed the lives of the nations. But I didn’t really know. So when a friend invited me to World Mandate, I was curious. I knew nothing about the conference, but the friend who invited me went the year before and said it changed his life forever. He told me they would talk about the nations and so my very tender heart and I wanted in.

As soon as I walked in the door I saw different countries represented on the walls of the hallways. Immediately my eyes filled with tears. What was it about these countries? Why did I care? I never seemed to care before when studying for my geography tests in high school. But this was different.

Worship began and it wasn’t long before my heart broke in a thousand pieces. I had no idea why, but looking back now, I realize God was moving deeply inside of me. By the end of the first session I knew my life was forever changed. I came back the next day with the doors of my heart flung wide open for all that was to come.

The following morning started with a skit. The lights dimmed and I heard a voice saying, “Let a cry be heard in heaven for the nations of the world. Let a cry go out, let a cry be heard. Jesus is the sovereign King of the nations. He is worthy of my life.” The skit ended with someone crying out, “It’s time. So the question comes to you: Who is going to go? Will it be you? Who will be faithful?

People ran to the front saying “I will go! I will go!” And the same cry started to rise up in my heart. Every fiber in my being wanted to get up and go to the front. I clenched the armrests and told myself over and over, “It’s just a skit. Don’t go. Don’t run to the front, stay where you are. It’s just a skit.” But my life was changed. Nothing would ever be the same again because I now knew the nations and the unreached people were crying out and God was calling my name. “Who is going to go? Will it be you? Who will be faithful?”

From that day forward, the nations have been on my heart, the unreached peoples my cry and Antioch my tribe all for One Passion, One Purpose and One Man: Jesus.

After graduating High School I moved to Waco to attend the Discipleship School and eventually the Church-Planting School. Now I can’t wait to join a team in SE Asia and be a part of reaching these people that God cares about so deeply.


Ask God if there’s a place or a people group He wants you to carry. How can you say yes now? Maybe it’s praying or maybe it’s going. Choose to be a part of God’s heart for the nations now!

Outreach in Capetown: A Testimony from the Antioch Discipleship School

When we first landed in Cape Town, South Africa we knew it would be a battle to stay focused on our mission with all of the beautiful mountains and beaches surrounding us. We had three weeks in paradise but were there for a bigger purpose – God’s purpose.

Our main goal was to minister to students from the University of Cape Town and connect them to Lifegroups. For the first couple of days we didn’t have much response from students and became discouraged. There was one team meeting where we each had to express our level of contentment with thumbs up, thumbs down or somewhere in between – the “thumbmometer.”  All but two people had thumbs all the way down indicating our team was a feeling pretty discouraged and worn out.

But the turn around came when we realized we were trying too hard. Jesus never set aside a specific time to heal the sick and feed the hungry. He did not set aside a couple hours a day to perform miracles; He did it as He went. He made it a way of life. So our team developed an, “as we go” mentality. For some of us that meant getting coffee and talking to students at the coffee shop. For others it meant going to Crossfit classes downtown and ministering to the instructors and members of the gym.

At the end of the first week one of our teammates, Chris, saw a guy wearing a pair of shorts he liked. Chris had been looking for a pair to buy and decided to ask him where he bought them. This simple question sparked an hour and a half long conversation where Chris was able to share his own testimony and ask the guy, Nick, about his faith.

Nick told him he had been trying to rediscover his faith but had so many unanswered questions that it was hard for him to wrap his mind around God. The Christians he knew weren’t willing to answer his questions and made him feel like he was being offensive for asking them. Chris explained how God made Nick’s mind to ask questions and that God was not offended by it.

A few days later the two went hiking and were able to sort through more of Nick’s questions. Chris found most of his questions could be answered with the Gospel. Chris explained it is out of relationship with God that he follows what the Bible says to do, and as Christians we obey out of love and not obligation. As they hiked back down the mountain Chris felt God bring a verse to mind.

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and they with me.”  Revelation 3:20

When Chris spoke it aloud, Nick responded, “Actually it’s like I’m standing inside, looking out the window excitedly waiting for Jesus to come and hoping He doesn’t forget about me.” Then he asked how to have a relationship with Jesus and decided to give his life to Christ!

We are given a perfect model for mission work when we look at Jesus’ life. It doesn’t have to be a forced and an uncomfortable task. It is as simple as following your own intuition and letting God put people in your path as you go.

While in Cape Town we were able to minister to more than a hundred college students and families. We saw two miraculous healings and four salvations! It is amazing how God can use us more when we choose to rest in Him.

By Ashley Lipscomb, Antioch Discipleship School student

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