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Intro to Discipleship Lessons

Download the Discipleship Lessons here.

Like many churches, the church I grew up in strongly encouraged active participation in the various ministries it offered.

These ministries helped me in my initial understanding of God’s love, and while I am forever thankful for my spiritual upbringing, I went to college with nagging thoughts that something else was needed in my walk with God. In college, I told my academic advisor that I wanted to grow in my relationship with Christ. He asked me if I would like to host a discipleship group in my dorm room. I had never heard the word discipleship before, but I instantly knew it was the “something else” I had been looking for.

My discipleship times with my adviser and the other students who joined us consisted of reading scripture, praying and learning to share our faith with others. Each week we would discuss a topic and my adviser would ask us to practice the lesson and discuss the results the following week. It was one of the greatest times of growth in my Christian life. I remember experiencing the presence of God as I would read and share my faith. I can remember influencing my roommates for the Lord, seemingly without even trying. Looking back on that time, God allowed me to experience His power in several ways. First, I developed a meaningful relationship with my adviser, whom I respected greatly. Second, my adviser provided accountability for me, giving the strength I needed to move forward in the disciplines of reading the word, praying regularly and sharing my faith. Finally, regularly reading scripture kept my mind and heart centered on Jesus.

That discipleship experience was a critical factor in my journey with God as a college student, and is still an important factor in my walk with God today. Discipleship is so important that at Antioch we call it our “X-factor.” This means we view it is as the single most important factor in helping a person grow spiritually. To ensure this crucial component of someone’s spiritual life, Antioch has developed discipleship lessons we call Foundations of Faith. These seven lessons cover basic components a believer needs to either start or maintain a solid Christian experience. The lessons introduce core passages from the Bible and then provide ways to apply these truths to life. While the lesson itself is a great discipleship tool, its power to impact a person’s life comes from completing the lesson in a discipleship environment (usually in Lifegroup or with another believer). If you have not gone through Foundations of Faith, there is no better time than now for you to partner with another person and complete the lessons. If you have done them before, consider asking God who you could take through the lessons. I am confident you and that person will be blessed!


By Vincent Carpenter