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Six Weeks in Budapest: A Recap of The Discipleship School Outreach

This spring the day Discipleship School spent six weeks in Budapest. During our time there, our students partnered with our long-term team in hosting Lifegroups, starting Discovery Bible Studies and sharing Jesus with the people they encountered each day.


  • “ I met a professor that teaches American culture and history at a Hungarian university in the city. I asked this professor if I could attend one of his classes, and the professor contacted me two weeks later with an even greater invitation. The professor heard I had studied religion at Baylor so he invited me to not only attend the class but to give a lecture on religion in America. I had the amazing opportunity to present a 45-minute lecture on the role religion has played in the history and culture of the United States throughout the years. At the end, I led the entire class through a short Discovery Bible Study and finished by asking them if they could see how reading and obeying the teachings of Jesus could be beneficial for a society.”


  • “I was at the nearby coffee shop spending time with God, and the barista asked, “Are you reading the Bible?” She then remarked, “I have a Bible at my home, but I don’t know how to read it. Can you recommend a place in the Bible where I could start reading?” I told her she could read John 1 that night, and then we could discuss it the following day. The next day, I arrived at the coffee shop and the barista was sitting outside at a table. I sat with her and she pulled out her Bible along with two pages of notes that she had taken on John 1. She spent the next 15 minutes sharing what she understood about the chapter and about who she perceived God to be based on what she read. She asked me what I thought, and I was able to give her a brief overview of the Gospel and explain the truth of Jesus’ character as seen in John 1. She seemed awestruck as she began to understand who Jesus truly is, and I was blown away by her excitement. At the end of our time she asked if I had any friends in Budapest who would read the Bible with her and help her to understand the Scriptures. I was able to connect her with one of the members of our long-term team, and I believe she will be a person of peace that can reach her co-workers and others in the weeks, months and years to come.”

  • “One morning, I felt a prompting from the Holy Spirit to visit a specific clothing store and look for someone wearing white headphones. I did not completely understand why I felt led to go there, but I went to the store with two of my teammates. While looking around I saw a man wearing white headphones. I began engaging him in conversation, and he asked what I was doing in the city. I explained I was with a group from my church, and that we wanted to tell people about Jesus. When I said this, he lit up. I soon found out he was a Christian, but had no church community. He asked if my friends and I ever met together, and I explained that we were planning to do so that very night at a Lifegroup.  He essentially invited himself to Lifegroup and gave me his contact information. He came that evening and seemed to have a genuine encounter with the Father. He expressed that he was eager to come back to Lifegroup the next week and invite his friends.”

  • “I was in line at a grocery store and met a man who is originally from Southeast Asia but now lives in Budapest and works for a large financial consulting firm in the city as a language instructor. The man asked me what I was doing in Budapest, and I briefly explained how our class was there to learn how to read and obey the Bible and teach other people to do the same thing. The man then explained that he had once read the first two books of the Bible but was not able to understand what it meant. He asked if I would be willing to meet to study the Bible the next day. Throughout my time in Budapest, we were able to meet consistently to do Discovery Bible Studies and discuss God’s character as revealed in Scripture.”

We are believing for God to continue to move powerfully throughout Budapest! Today, take a few minutes to pray for our long-term team. Ask God to refresh them and lead them to people with a hunger for more of Jesus.

*Special thanks to Jordan Brown for the great pictures!

What’s Next?

“Why are you doing the Antioch Discipleship School,” I asked?

As she looked up at me, an unknown staff member, the practiced response of, “God told me,” escaped from her mouth.  Sensing a deeper question was in order, I responded with, “Really? Is that the whole story?”  It wasn’t. Her story began to flow, slowly and hesitantly at first, followed by a deluge of passion long kept in check by the threat of disappointment.  She had been serving in the church for a long time, but somehow in the midst of the service, she felt she had lost the ability to hear the Lord’s voice.  She was devoted, but had lost intimacy and direction and realized something had to change.  As the emotion stilled, she looked up at me and said, “I can’t go on like this, so I guess it all comes down to what’s next.”

What’s Next?

As the disciples sat in awe of their resurrected Savior as He ascended into heaven, this question of, “What’s next?” had to be pounding in their hearts and minds. Jesus had left them only one command they were capable of obeying; “Don’t leave Jerusalem, but wait for the gift that my Father promised…in a few days you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit” (Acts 1:4). They knew the rest of his commands couldn’t be followed without His help. They had no idea how to make disciples of all nations, but staying put seemed like a reasonable request.  You see, they knew they needed more than just their own giftings and talents to accomplish the great things Jesus had promised they would do.  So they took some time to wait until God had given them the very thing they needed, the Holy Spirit. Then, fully released and equipped for mission, they went about changing the world, just as Jesus had told them they would.

As He did with the disciples, God often calls us into periods of preparation and waiting so He can sow into us the things we need to walk out the Kingdom adventure He has prepared for us.  Those periods may feel like a holding pattern of preparation, that challenging time between today and the anxiously awaited release into the dreams God has put in our heart. We have all been there at one time or another and many of us may find ourselves there today. Sometimes we need a safe environment in which to encounter God and hear His voice, to journey with others who are asking similar questions and to commit in faith to walk out the things God speaks.

The Antioch Discipleship Schools were formed with these ideas in mind.  As we get ready to kick off a new year, we are excited about what God has in store for those who have set aside a year of their lives to seek Him and get the answers to that pesky, “What’s next?” question.  This year we have more than 125 students in our various schools and they are all seeking direction and clarity on how to move forward in their relationship with God, how to hear His voice and obey and how to live out a Kingdom life.  As you pray for them, ask that they would submit themselves fully to the process of learning and growing. Ask that they would receive from God everything they need to mature and move forward and that God would speak and clarify the calling on each and every one of their lives. Ask that each of them would know with confidence the answer to the question, “What’s next?”

And now, I have the same question for you… What’s next? A year spent in the Antioch Discipleship School would not be a year wasted.

Antioch Discipleship School is a life-changing experience for students of any age, background, vocation or season of life.

It is a place to experience radical transformation and find clarity for a lifetime of following Jesus. It could very well be what’s next for you.

In Response

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By Trey Green, Antioch Night Discipleship School Director