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Acts of Mercy Disaster Response Training

You never know when a disaster will strike.

In the spring 2013, Antioch Norman brought 12 volunteers to the first ever Acts of Mercy disaster response training. At the time, they had no idea if or when they would use the skills learned during the training. Little did they know that within a few months they would find themselves in the middle of the Moore Tornado disaster response, only a few miles from their church and homes.

The skills learned and relationships made at the Acts of Mercy training allowed their team to mobilize and respond within 24 hours of the storm. Young Adult Pastor Josh Terndrup said, “We are so thankful we were able to be the hands and feet of Jesus when our community needed it most.”

Acts of Mercy is offering the training again this year, February 28th – March 1st at Antioch Waco. The disaster response training equips people to offer emergency relief and immediate care to people in the midst of war or following a natural disaster. Erika Kraus, director of Acts of Mercy, is especially excited about the different experts who will be teaching, offering experiential training for first responders. Erika says, “People will have the opportunity to align their attitudes and values, as well as their skills in a collaborative team environment.  Last year so many people had stories of ways God had confirmed and clarified their calling as well as set them up to successfully engage in serving people in times of crisis.”

This training is not for everyone, but it is an amazing first step for professionals with a background in logistics, medical care, mental health, social work, safety and security or engineering/construction who would like to serve in crisis relief. These particular skill sets can be utilized to practically serve people both locally and globally. It’s an amazing opportunity to get God’s heart to rescue, heal and restore, while empowering and strengthening churches to transform their communities.

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