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Building Update {In Pictures}

Things are really starting to take shape in our new building! As Jimmy shared in his update last week, it continues to be an incredible journey to watch God provide so powerfully throughout our building project. On our most recent giving day, Sunday, February 7th, we not only raised what we needed to meet our financial deadline, but we raised $41,000 more! Way to go, church! We are blown away by your generosity, faith and sacrificial giving. 

If you missed Jimmy’s most recent update where he shared about the new May 1st move-in date, you can read it here. You can also watch this video for an update.

Here are some photos of our most-recent progress:
antioch stone pillar blog (2)

The stone is going on the columns in the new Lobby!

antioch speaker blog (3)

The first installation of the AV and sound equipment started going in this week.

antioch acoustic cloud blog (2)

This is a picture of the ceiling in the new Auditorium. These “clouds” are designed to help with the acoustics.

antioch building work paint

The balcony is getting a fresh coat of paint.



Building Update From Jimmy

Dear Antioch Family,

Let me start off by saying, “Way to go team!” As you remember, during the week of September 25th we made the decision as a congregation to move forward and sign the contracts necessary to complete our Auditorium by Easter 2016. The total amount needed to get us into the building was $3.4 million, with an eventual additional $1 million needed to finish the new children’s space.

Our first deadline of $1.4 million is needed on December 7th, instead of the original deadline of November 15th – Praise the Lord! As of today, we have seen $688,000 come in toward the initial $1.4 million goal. That means we only need $712,000 more before December 7th. Since we have committed to these contracts, we need to do whatever it takes to partner with God to meet that goal.

We are thankful for what you have given, thankful for everyone rising up and we have a great challenge before us to meet our commitments by the week of December 7th.

But there is even better news!!!

Last week a family that has loved Antioch for years though they live in a different city, has committed to give $1,000,000.00 to the building in the next 90 days!  Yes! That is right my friends. We have prayed for a million dollar donor and God has answered. We are so honored and blessed that this family would believe in us at that level of love and commitment.

For those who are counting let me summarize where we are and what is needed to finish the job:

  1. The total need to finish the Auditorium was $3.4 million.
  2. $1.4 million is needed by December 7th. We currently have $688,000 and still need $712,000. The million dollar gift will not be given until January so this December deadline must be completed by us.
  3. With this generous $1 million gift, we will only need $1 million to be given over the next few months so we can be in our new Auditorium by Easter.

Thank you for being such an incredible team, incredible responders and sacrificial givers. Please encourage your friends who haven’t gotten involved to jump in so we can meet our goal of $1.4 million and be in by Easter.

I am so, so proud of everybody and excited about the journey!  I am thankful for all of the sacrifices that have been made. Let’s keep going to make it to the finish line.

In His strength and love,

Jimmy Seibert

Senior Pastor

Find Your Place

Have you ever renovated a house? Five years ago, my family bought a house that had been sitting vacant for 11 years. The first day we started clearing things out I distinctly remember thinking we had gotten more than we bargained for. There was still food in the fridge, dirty rags in the cabinets, multiple layers of wallpaper on the ceilings and a bomb shelter with rotted sheet rock and six inches of slimy stagnant water. It was one of the grossest days of my life.

Even though we had our work cut out for us, I’m an optimist and started the project convinced we’d be finished in six to eight weeks. Four months later the house was just a shell, far from being done, and to make matters worse, I didn’t know how to put it all back together again. It felt completely hopeless and I felt completely helpless. This was not the only time I’ve had this feeling – in fact, any time I’ve ever been a part of building anything, I’ve experienced this.

I believe one of the greatest tactics of the enemy, especially in this hour, is to make us feel hopeless and helpless. This powerful lie holds the Church back from who God intends us to be. It’s easy to feel hopeless about the world around us and helpless by our own limitations. I can barely take care of my kids and survive my job, what can I do about systemic poverty and religious persecution? If we aren’t careful, these feelings lead us to paralysis.

1 Peter 4:4-12 tells us we all have a part to play.

Peter calls us stones, which on its own seems insignificant, but when joined together with other stones by the hand of a Craftsman, can become almost anything. We are called to be Christ’s Church, His spiritual house, hosting the presence of God. Don’t choose to be isolated by fear and helplessness, instead, take your place on the wall.

When people come together and each one does his or her part as a living stone, something incredible happens.

We become a beacon of hope; we stand out in the midst of hopelessness. And our city cannot help but pay attention.


Resolve to live as a light in our city wherever you are. No matter where you live or work, you can have an impact on those around you!

Next, find a place to serve. There are many places to serve here at our church and we’d love for you to be a part. Check out our volunteer page to view these opportunities and apply! We would also like to invite you to pray about making a commitment this fall to attend either the 8:30 a.m. or the new 5 p.m. service to make space for someone new. Last year around this time we had a major influx of guests – new families, young adults and especially college students. Our hope is to be able to provide a seat for everyone.

Imagine if all of us did our part. Imagine the impact on kid’s lives, on our first time guests, the families that receive discipleship and our city. Take your place on the wall and let’s see the world around us transformed! Sign up today!

By Drew Steadman, Director of Ministries and U.S. Church Planting

$916,703 Raised!

Just in case you missed the announcement on Sunday, we raised all the money needed to meet the July deadline, which means the construction can continue and we are still on schedule to be in the new building on Easter of 2016. We are so thankful for your generosity, sacrifice and commitment to what God is doing among us. It is an honor to be part of this church family with each of you.

Check out some of the latest construction photos and a breakdown of what’s ahead.

Site of future bathrooms. Can we get an amen from all the ladies who are excited about the 300% increase in bathrooms?

Making progress with the plumbing.

The wood framing has started going up throughout the building.

The air ducts are going in.

God is Building His House: Building Update

“Let’s get to work!”

That might be something you hear a coach bark at players on the field, or something a teacher says to encourage students when they are ready to move forward with applying some newly learning skills in the classroom. But, it’s also my sentiment today about our building project.

Back in November we reached our goal of $1.5 million cash towards Phase 1 of the interior of our building.

Since then, four contractors had to firm up their prices (since they were originally from three years ago when we started the building project!) in order to have the contracts executed. Materials have now been ordered and our first worker was spotted in the building this past Wednesday (as you can barely see in the pic)!

This first interior phase will get us a lot of rough-in work for HVAC, electric and plumbing. We will see some walls forming with some framing! And, some fireproofing…you never want to skip that step.

As the contractors focus on the physical building, we need to focus on being “undistracted for Him and them” as Jimmy shared on Sunday.

We can trust in Jesus’ words in Matthew 6: “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” That verse can give us confidence that God will provide for us if we focus on the right things.

We are currently raising funds for Phase 2 of the interior (the goal is $2.1m…and we currently have $250,000 towards that goal.) We’d love to have that in hand by April so the interior work does not have to stop. I know this project has taken a little longer than we would have all liked. But, we are 65 percent of the way there!

I’m thankful for a process that has drawn our people into places of greater dependency on God…and moved us toward becoming a more generous people!

By Jeff Abshire, Executive Pastor

2014 Annual Report

We are so excited to share our 2014 Annual Report with you.

2014 was an incredible year and our annual report is a representation of all God did among us last year! It’s a report full of numbers. And while we’re not about numbers, we’re so encouraged because these numbers represent people who have encountered God and been impacted by His love. Take a minute to check it out – God is at work in our midst and it’s incredible to be a part!

Download the 2014 Annual Report


The Picnic Table Has a Story

You may have noticed a picnic table under a beautiful white oak tree by the church offices.

One of our staff members, Jenny Pang, created a group learning experience within the church staff by inviting people from several different departments to participate. Together, they built this wonderful picnic table and those who worked to create this table now share a unique bond.

Those who had a hand in its creation will always see this table differently than the rest of us who, though we like it, admire it and even utilize it, can’t fully appreciate it in the same way as those who have given something of themselves to see it built. Tears, sweat and probably even blood went into creating this table that is used almost every day and enjoyed by all.

The parallel is obvious: those who have given to support our campus expansion project will always see and experience our new facility differently than those who either did not have the opportunity to be involved or who did not take advantage of the opportunity given to them.

This is an invitation to those of you who have not yet participated in this “family project.” We need you and the whole family to get involved!

In Response:

Don’t miss the opportunity to have a vested interest in this.  Now is the time! 

By Pat Murphy, Elder and Family Pastor

Building Update

We are thrilled to announce God provided more than $264,000 towards our building in the last few weeks! Praise God! To date, we are $655,000 from our goal to be able to begin the interior of our building. Continue to pray with us for God’s abundant provision… It’s been a journey believing God together as He builds His house, and we look forward to growing in our faith and trust in Him as we see this to completion. We are so thankful for your commitment to what God is doing through Antioch Community Church!


Week{end} in Pictures

This weekend was a blast!

From AntiochLIVE band rehearsals to prepare for our recording night on May 9th, to our Clean-Up Day to get things cleared out and get the grounds ready for our church services , to celebrating our amazing volunteers during our church services and then getting to worship together in the shell of  the new auditorium – it was a truly incredible time!

We are so thankful for each of you!

AntiochLIVE getting ready for May 9th

Things are looking good after the Clean-Up Day

Had a blast appreciating our amazing volunteers!

Worshiping in our new auditorium was incredible!


We also showed this encouraging video about the transformation that can happen when we invite people to be a part of our church body. Check it out!

The Latest

The Latest:

We’ve recently made a lot of progress! The exterior of the building is fully funded and we already have more than $57,000 toward the next phase. And, all the brick is up! Check out the latest update – including what’s next for the project, ways you can pray for this journey and fun facts about the new building.

Our Next Giving Day:

Giving Days are a time for us to come together and give above and beyond! Our next giving day is February 23rd and it will focus on our Kids Ministry and the impact the new space will have on the next generation.