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Turn Your Ears On //
Part Two

“Oh how I love Your law, it is my meditation all the day.” – Psalm 119:97

This morning Lead Pastor Carl Gulley continued our series, Turn Your Ears On. Throughout our series we are learning more about what it means to hear God and how we can respond. This week we talked about hearing God through the Bible. The Bible is the very written voice of God.


When we meditate on Scripture and memorize His word, we find intimacy with Jesus. Knowing the Bible is not about being a model christian, it is about knowing God.


When we are trying to discern what God is speaking, the Bible should be our filter. God will never tell us something that goes against His words. When we store up the Words of God in our heart, we give God vocabulary to speak to us.

God wants to speak to us. He wants to show us His ways and give us direction. We go to the Bible because the ways of God are greater than our own. God doesn’t expect us to make decisions on our own, He wants to be in the process with us because He knows what is best.

We also need the words of God engraved on our hearts in order to combat the lies of the enemy. When we have truth within us, the lies stand no chance.


This week, we want to focus on spending time reading the words of God.

  1. Read // Take a passage of Scripture to read and meditate on this week
  2. Memorize // Intentionally memorize that passage and let the words sink in
  3. Apply // When reading a passage of Scripture, take time to ask God these questions –
    1. How does this passage apply to my life?
    2. How can I respond?

Encountering God – As a Lifestyle

When I was a teenager, my dad asked me to do chores each day while he was at work. Frustrated, would tell my dad to just write down what I needed to do and I would  mark it off the list when I finished. I wasn’t interested in listening to why my dad wanted me to do it and I wasn’t interested in talking to him. I just wanted to get it done. What I didn’t realize was my dad wasn’t asking me to complete a task; he was trying to teach me something that would benefit me later in life and he wanted to do it through building relationship, not rules.

Too often we want to dive into task without tending to the relationship.

It’s just easier. It happens all the time in marriages, friendships and even with God. One of the most deadly things we can do as a born-again believer is succumb to the lie that Jesus wants us to “do” a lot of things on His list. He does want us to “do” things, but not without an understanding of our true identity as sons and daughters. We aren’t employees of the king but sons and daughters. We have rights and privileges that employees don’t and it revolves around relationship.  One tool I use to keep my heart fresh with God is Tending Your Heart by Rick and Diane Bewsher. This tool leads us to ask questions of God regarding His thoughts, plans and ways instead of assuming them or just doing what may be on our spiritual “list” for the day.

Even if you’ve used this tool before, I encourage you to take some time to refresh your relationship with God, and let him tend to your heart.

By Blake Hartsock, Director of Antioch Day Discipleship School

  • To maximize the power of the “Tending Your Heart” tool, please first read this introduction.
  • Tending Your Heart is a practical tool to help you invite Jesus into your day and give Him opportunity to impart wisdom, to encourage, refresh, comfort and strengthen  you.
  • The Essence of Discipleship can have a profound impact on the way you disciple so that you, as well as those you disciple, are able to thrive in God.

The tools above including the introduction are provided by Rick and Diane Bewsher.