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What’s Next? A 10 – Day Journal to Navigate Transition

Transitions are normal, but what’s not normal is always knowing how to handle transition. We may not always know what to do or what steps to take next. Whether you just graduated college, you’re sensing God wants you to move cities or you’re considering changing jobs, God wants to speak to you in the midst of the change. Here is a tool to help you process through life’s transitions through a facilitated and guided conversation with God. Even if you are not going through a life transition, this tool is great practice to help clear the fog in your life and help get fresh perspective and vision for what God has called you to in this season.

The goal of this time is to hear God, and to process God’s calling on your life. Maybe it has been your experience that hearing God for the future or for decision-making has been hard, daunting or confusing. But God wants to reveal His Father heart to you through these 10 days, showing you His goodness and how He trusts you as His child. The purpose of this journal guide is to help you facilitate conversation with God, but is by no means meant to restrict what this journey looks like for you. You should set aside 30 minutes a day to seek the Lord in this process outside of your devotional time with Him.


Days 1-3 // The Narrowing Phase:

The first thing you want to do during this time is surrender everything. We often walk through life with preconceived ideas of who we are, what we are called to do, who we are called to do life with and where we are called to be. Sometimes when we wait for God to speak, we only let him speak within the framework we have made for ourselves.

As you process through surrendering the locations, identifiers and callings that you are laying down, ask God to speak into them. Sometimes this can bring clarity, new perspective or truth to what you are already doing and sometimes God asks us to leave it on the altar altogether. If you are having trouble processing through certain areas, take time to recall God’s goodness and testify to yourself the work that He has done in you.

Day 4-6 // The Seeking Phase:

Once you have laid the ownership of these things down, leave it in God’s hands. God may tell you everything you have been doing is exactly where you need to be and where you need to stay, but He certainly won’t do that without giving you fresh purpose and vision for it if you ask Him (don’t ask for that until day 7-9). This is also time to trust God by dreaming with Him. He could speak new things in this time or highlight a dream that has been on your heart for some time. This phase is a lot more praying and listening than journaling or processing. However, you want to make sure to journal anything and everything that you hear Him say even if it doesn’t make sense to you in the moment.

This isn’t a time to ask God yes/no questions. Instead, you will want to ask Him open-ended questions and really discipline yourself to sit quietly and hear His voice (see the Scriptures, Prayers and Questions section at the end for example questions).

Day 7-9 // The Mining Phase:

This phase is the place that you ask God for some detail and initial steps in how to move forward in obedience to what He has been speaking. This is also a space to process dreams that He has put on your heart and to seek Him for practical steps of pursuing what He may be highlighting. This is a very important step because a lot of times we land with this big vision and no idea how to walk it out or where to begin. These few days are of the utmost importance because God has called us to be obedience-based believers and not just vision-based believers.

Day 10 // The Rejoicing Phase:

We must be ones that rejoice in the work that God does. Even if He only spoke a tiny word of direction to you, you are greatly blessed! How incredible is it that we have a Father who we can run to, to seek wisdom and direction from and He meets us? Psalm 119:162 says, “I rejoice in Your word as one who finds great treasure.”



“Father, thank You for the hope you give. Thank you for filling my life with hope and promise. I live with joy in the present and I eagerly look forward to what you have waiting around the bend. Forgive me when I put my hope in the wrong place, in either a person or circumstance. Let my hope be anchored in You. Holy Spirit illuminate my heart and show me the vision of a life filled with hope and walked out in promise.”

“Abba, help me to realize the truth that your will for me is more about the freedom of my heart than the direction of my life. I believe that you are able to guide me as I respond to your kindness. Thank you that you care about my heart more than you desire for me to do something for you. It glorifies you when I am rejoicing, prayerful and thankful. So, I ask for more rejoicing, more real communication and communion in my relationship with you, and for more thanksgiving to flow from deep within in my daily life. I agree this is your will for me. Amen.”



  • What do You have for me?
  • What are You asking me to place on the altar?
  • What is the vision/dream You want to put in my heart?
  • Holy spirit, would You show me who I am beyond the work of my hands?
  • Father, what does it look like to give You all the glory in my life?
  • What are some routines in my life that have become dull? Lord, I invite You to show me how to make them new. What gifts do You have waiting for me there? Holy Spirit, open my eyes and heart to the little things that You are calling me to.
  • What are You cultivating in me in this season of my life?
  • Father, how do You want to upgrade the way I have been seeing my life with You? Are there places I have been afraid to trust You?

Bonus // Day 11

Make it your plan today to respond in obedience God’s will from your heart. Let go of fear, let Him love you freely and lead you as a kind Father. Let all of His gifts bless and enrich your existence. Make it your aim to rejoice, pray and give thanks in some way every day, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Download a copy of the 10-day journal