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AWAKEN 2016: Day 5

Our last full day of AWAKEN was awesome! We started the morning off with a message from Don Steadman about our call to not keep what we have, but share with all nations. The Gospel isn’t a story meant for American culture, it is meant for all people. We had our second carnival and had park outreaches where we had the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with many people and pray for them.

We head back to Waco today! Please join us in praying for safe travel and for the seeds of the Gospel that were planted during our time in Edinburg to take root.

We heard a powerful message from Don Steadman this morning about stepping out, sharing the Gospel and building community around the world.

We heard a powerful message from Don Steadman this morning about stepping out, sharing the Gospel and building community around the world.

Prayer is powerful!

Prayer is powerful! We loved having the opportunity to share the Gospel and pray with kids. We were all made to respond to the message of Jesus and no one is too young.

We had a blast playing with the kids at the carnival

We had a blast playing with the kids at the carnival.

Many people gathered at the carnival and had the opportunity to see the Gospel portrayed by our drama and then respond.

Many people gathered at the carnival and had the opportunity to see the Gospel portrayed by our drama and then respond.


Day 5 - 9

It was a beautiful last day in Edinburg but we are excited to head back to Waco!


#AntiochYA Tijuana: Day 3

As we listened to Jonathan share their story, we were challenged by this family’s obedience and commitment to see the Gospel spread in this city! Next we went on an outreach to an outdoor city market. Our team was so encouraged to see many people respond and ask for prayer. One woman experienced the power of the Holy Spirit for the first time!

After spending some time at the market, the team headed to a local orphanage, where we spent several hours serving the staff and cleaning the facilities. We wrapped up the night with team time at the Lair’s home and some delicious homemade Mexican tacos!

Worship was led by Owen Wible and our Young Adult worship team. It was the best way to start our day.

We got to share the Gospel and pray for people at the local market.

The market was down the street from the ocean!

We spent the afternoon an orphanage where we served the staff and spent time cleaning the facilities.

We also got to play with the kids and had a blast!

We ended the day at the Lair’s home and had an amazing, authentic Mexican meal.

The team is having a blast so far and can’t wait for day four!

As we start day four, please pray for continued energy, endurance and that our team would be filled to overflowing as they continue to minister on outreaches!

#AntiochYA Tijuana: Days 1 & 2

Our Young Adult team landed in San Diego Saturday morning for their mission trip to Tijuana. Days one and two were all about building community as a team and serving the church!

On Sunday, day two, the team helped set up church at All People’s San Diego and then attended the service. Then they headed to Mexico where they spent time meeting people on the streets and inviting them to All People’s Tijuana.

It’s been a great first two days and everyone’s excited for day three!

We started our first full day of the trip attending Antioch’s church plant, All People’s San Diego.

We loved getting to worship at All People’s San Diego. The unity among the Church is so encouraging.

After church we headed to Mexico to invite people to attend All People’s Tijuana.

Worshiping at All People’s Tijuana.

We got ice cream down the street from our hotel and got to share the Gospel with the shop owner.

Please join with us in praying for our Young Adult trip today!

  • Pray for the team as they have an outreach in Tijuana and spend time at an orphanage.
  • Pray for them to love others well and share the Gospel with boldness.
  • Pray for the team to continue to encounter God in powerful ways and experience deep community with each other.

Serving Out of Their Need

When I think about raising support, my first thought is always “I don’t want to ask people for money.” Confronting the task of raising my own funding for the trip the Antioch Discipleship School takes every year is no different.

As part of the curriculum, students in the Antioch Discipleship School finish the program with an international outreach trip. This year, with a departure date set for May 8th, our team is set to head to Dubai UAE—contingent on our fundraising $45,000, of course.

As we brainstormed as a team about how to raise such an intimidating amount of support, we recalled a lesson from the school about the importance of the body working together to bring glory to God here on earth. The idea of a service project emerged and we decided to run with it. If we are going to ask others to edify the body by offering their financial support, then we could participate by offering our time and service to someone in need.

We decided to plan a day serving a member of Antioch and to ask people to sponsor us, similar to sponsoring a runner in a 5k. Reaching out, we connected with Megan, a recently widowed mother of two young boys. Being an incredible mother and faithful servant, she was a perfect fit.

On Sunday, April 19th, our team of sponsored volunteers arrived at Megan’s home. Over the course of four hours, we were able to not only landscape her yard and flowerbed but also build and paint a fort for her two boys, Elijah and James. Local businesses and anonymous donors graciously donated the supplies and fort.

As a team, we felt accomplished in having served someone in the process of asking others to serve us.  Even if we hadn’t raised a dime for our trip, we knew we’d participated in the workings of the body of Christ and contributed to the Kingdom. In Ephesians 4:12, Paul says the Lord gifted the body with different types of people “to equip His people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up.” Some people can ask for support, some people can give to a cause, some can serve a widow and some can do it all to go to Dubai.

If you want to hear more about this project, email Christen Batson.

Week in Pictures

Last week was a big week for us!

Our College Ministry took more than 500 students to Edinburg, Texas for Awaken. Our church-wide mission trip went to serve our church plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and more than 250 adults and kids participated. What a week!  Take a look:


Baton Rouge: