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Salt the Earth

Salt is the world’s only edible rock, completely unlike any other food. It is one of the most stable compounds in the world – free from decay itself and powerful enough to preserve others. A little salt transforms the flavor of whatever it touches.

Salt is an essential ingredient for life. Early civilizations built around it. Revolutions and wars were fought because of it. Salt’s price once surpassed gold, a commodity so valuable ancient soldiers were paid in it, the source of the English word “salary.”

In Matthew 5:13 Jesus declared, “You are the salt of the earth.” We’re materially different than the world around us, eternally free from bondage to decay. Our new identity is the most stable substance on earth. And with it we inherit a great responsibility.

Jesus called His followers to transform whatever they touched. We’re commissioned to flavor the earth. Salt is small, insignificant based on external appearance. But this plain rock changes everything.


Jesus’ disciples carried little political clout or external significance. Were it not for a Carpenter from Nazareth, no one would ever know their names. Jesus’ church was birthed in obscurity, initially a small gathering of outcasts far from every seat of power. But salt has a different substance. It transforms whatever it touches.

Within a generation, the Church spread across the known world. The temple crumbled long ago and the power of Rome is a mere history lesson, but the Church is very much still alive, continuing to flavor the earth. Every other movement in history pales compared to the impact of the followers of Jesus. Modern education, civil rights, government, medicine and morals all find their origin in the teachings of the Savior.


Despite salt’s importance, too much of it in one place creates a problem – physiologically and spiritually. Today, the salt of the earth is often clumped together while vast places remain untouched by its transformative power. One thousand and five hundred ethnic groups live without any access to the Gospel. Billions of people have never heard the message of Jesus. We are the salt of the earth, and we still have a job to do.

Jesus’ warning to us, “if salt loses its saltiness,” is an absurdity. Salt’s saltiness is its essence. And the same is true for us, our very essence is the Spirit within us. Conforming to the world is the equivalent of salt seeking to reduce its flavor. Jesus commissioned us as change agents, but that which looks exactly like the world will never change the world.

Our generation has a choice to make: Do we care more about fitting into the world than we do about transforming the world? We cannot do both. Will we remain salty? We will spread our flavor across the earth, bringing with it the life and wholeness of Jesus?

This is our identity. Let’s commit to never lose it and let’s commit to do our part in His mission.


 1. Where do most feel the tug of conforming to the world around you?

 2. What is God leading you to do in order to maintain your saltiness?

 3. Where has God led you to bring the flavor of the Gospel in the world around you? What step can you take to impact the places no one has yet brought His message?

By Drew Steadman- Adult Pastor

WORLD MANDATE 2018 // Session Two Recap

This morning Jim Yost shared a message on the need for a movement and for us to go. There is a world of broken people who need to know Jesus, and our compassion and actions have the power to reflect the character of God.


  • A movement is not an event; events are easy, movements are hard.
  • The purpose of all Bible study is to enter into the Bible story.
  • People want and need hope.
  • If you’re like Jesus, sinners and broken people are going to be attracted to you.
  • When you see the news, look behind the news because God is on the move.
  • You can’t separate sacred and secular, it’s all one
  • Jesus is not all we need until He is all we’ve got.
  • Danger is normal.
  • Give up the right to safety and security for the sake of bringing people to Jesus.
  • It’s not about your likes or dislikes, and it’s not about your abilities or inabilities, it’s about your obedience to God.
  • All social problems come back to a broken image of God.
  • Discipleship is not a method or a sermon, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind, and be on mission with Jesus
  • Our love and help reflects the character of God
  • Love in action is going to change the world.

God Wants You to be A Part – A World Mandate Testimony

World Mandate is more than a conference. It is a catalyst into the dreams of God. Year after year, peoples’ hearts are captured as they learn more about what God is doing in the world around us, and they are invited to be a part.

A few years ago, two missionaries from Antioch Norman had their lives changed by encounters they experienced at World Mandate. We had a chance to connect with them and hear their story. Check it out:

Tell us a little about yourselves:

Ashley: Adam is from Fort Worth, Texas and I grew up in Mexico City since my parents were workers with the IMB (International Mission Board). We both grew up in Christian homes and our parents loved Jesus a lot, so we both came to know Jesus relatively early in our lives—Adam in his youth group when he was 13 and me at home around Christmastime when I was eight-years old.

How did you get connected to Antioch?

Ashley: We both went to school at the University of Oklahoma in 2009 and that same year, Antioch planted a church in Norman. I had an older friend invite me to attend Antioch Norman my first Sunday in town and I loved it.

Adam: I hopped around a few churches during my first semester, but one Sunday I attended Antioch and the pastor talked about Lifegroups, the lifeblood of the church. He shared about how Lifegroups are based on Acts 2:42-47 and that surprised me. Years before, I felt like God said Acts 2:42-47 were verses that would mark my life. So, I decided that Sunday that I would get plugged in with Antioch.

So, your family is currently living in Southeast Asia. When did you decide to move there, and how did World Mandate play a part in your journey?

Ashley: We had separate encounters with God at World Mandate in 2011. While asking God about the nations, I saw a picture of Southeast Asia in my mind, but I didn’t really know what it meant.

Adam: For me, I had a vision of jungle mountains, villages and people. It was so detailed that I could see the specific structure of the houses and the type of clothing the villagers were wearing. I saw various encounters in this vision occur: villagers worshipping God on a mountaintop, people eating around a low-sitting table and a skin disease being healed. It ended with a strange two-syllable word; I had never heard these syllables before, nor seen anything like this place. I continued to worship until the service ended, and when I returned to my hotel I searched for the things I had seen and heard. As I searched, I learned about an ethnic group living in the mountains of Southeast Asia. They were unreached and unengaged, according to Joshua Project. When I searched images of this people, amazingly, the images matched those of what I saw during worship, right down to the style of houses and the type of clothing.

Ashley: When we got married, we decided together that we would look into moving to Asia. At the time, no one was in the area we wanted to go to, but Antioch Norman was looking to send people to a different country in Southeast Asia, so we jumped on board. We’re still not in the nation we hope to ultimately be in, but we’re believing that our time here will be fruitful, we will learn helpful strategies and meet people who will partner with us in the future.

That’s amazing! Living in the nations isn’t easy, but what makes it worth it?

Ashley: One of the things we both love seeing is people grasp small truths of God. We have many friends who are unbelievers and have no real grasp of Biblical truth or understanding of the Good News of Jesus. In these instances, we try to identify ourselves as followers of Jesus by inserting truths about God, stories from the Bible or testimonies of His goodness in regular conversation.

Adam: One example was with our neighbor, Amorn. During a conversation we were having, he asked the meaning of my name, Adam. I proceeded to talk about how it means, “of the Earth” and how God created Adam from the dirt of the earth and His breath. In our country, it’s very common and important to have a nickname, usually one syllable, partly due to the fact that full names can be very long. A few weeks after my conversation with Amorn, he approached me and asked if I had a nickname yet. I said that I did not have one, at which point he said, “Good, I have the perfect one for you. Your nickname can be ‘dirt.’” I asked him why he chose such a strange name, and he responded like this: “Well, you said that God made Adam out of the earth, and since your name is Adam, your nickname should be dirt, because God made you from the dirt.” It was amazing how inserting a simple spiritual story in our conversation caused our neighbor to grasp something about God that stuck with him weeks later, and opened up the opportunity for further conversation.

What would you tell people considering going to the nations?

Ashley: Orient yourself to be a servant and a learner. If you come in with all the answers and a desire to lead others, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to identify with important aspects of Jesus’ character—He was God in the flesh; He had all the answers, and still He came not to be served, but to serve. If you only want to teach, but not learn, you may overlook or neglect what Jesus desires to do in you. Lastly, examine your motives — come onto the field because you have received a Great Commission assignment from God. Do it because it’s what He’s telling you to do. Don’t do it because you feel like as a believer, or even as a member of Antioch, it’s what you’re “supposed to do.” It’s definitely not easy to be overseas, working cross-culturally, away from family and things that feel comfortable. But if God has called you to go, He’ll give you the grace to walk out each day, come whatever crazy situations.

We believe God has something for you at World Mandate. He wants to dream His dreams through you. Will you take a weekend to learn more about what God is already doing and allow Him to speak about how He wants you to be a part?

Tickets for World Mandate are selling out fast, visit worldmandate.com and get yours today. 

Reset // Embracing the Mission of God

Today Drew Steadman wrapped up our Reset series with a message about living on mission. The world tells us that who we are is defined by what we do, but in the Kingdom of God, it’s actually the opposite. When we are confident in who we are, we are free to live out the mission God has called us to without hesitation. Check out some of our takeaways from today’s message:

  • The world’s equation says, “What I do determines who I am.”
  • God’s equation says, “Who you are determines what you do.”
  • When we live under the world’s equation, we block out the what God actually has for us.
  • If you are compelled by anything other than the love of God, you will always end up off course when it comes to your calling.
  • When we understand God’s love for us, our natural response is to stop living for ourselves and to start living for Him.
  • You’ll never discover your life’s purpose if your primary purpose is you.
  • We’re a church that embraces the mission of God. Whether it’s the nations or the broken of our city, we’re all in because it’s God’s mission.
  • The beauty of the body of Christ is that it isn’t one person doing everything, it is everyone doing something.
  • Mission happens when we all say, “yes” and do our part.
  • God has given you a specific place where only you can be an ambassador in this season.
  • Ambassadors change the atmosphere.
  • There are no second-class citizens in the Kingdom of God.


This year we all want to embrace the mission of God. Throughout the week, take some time to pray and process through these questions:

  1. What are you doing to embrace the mission of God?
  2. What does it mean for you to be an ambassador in this season?

By Drew Steadman – Executive Team and Adult Pastor


Recently, I’ve become increasingly interested in the Student Volunteer Movement. In the late 19th and early 20th century, there was a move of God through His people that saw thousands of laborers, primarily college students, mobilized to the unreached people of the earth. These young people were so moved by the Gospel they pledged to give part of their lives to catalyzing discipleship overseas. They were a generation willing to put life on hold as they took personal ownership of the Great Commission.

Something awakens in me when I think about that movement.


Nothing shoots more passion into my heart than when I see individuals sacrifice for the Kingdom and other people. It has been a gift to interact with men and women who have given up values of the world such as comfort, convenience, beauty, money and security for the sake of Jesus and His Church.

Through the years, this question has become part of my calling:


I don’t know about you, but even with dreams of disciples making disciples in my heart, sometimes life is so busy and complex between work, family and friends that it is a win just to make it through the day. But when I step back, search the Scriptures, look at the Church and consider the needs around the world, I remember I have a part to play. Like many of you, sometimes I just need a starting point for how to get involved.

In the spring, leaders from the Antioch Movement were a part of a gathering in London with representatives from other ministry organizations that are committed to finishing the Great Commission. Out of those meetings, the Antioch Movement was asked to take the lead in partnering with local churches to be involved in mobilizing laborers to areas of the world where people have never heard of Jesus.

As we have learned, to see something catalyzed, it often takes projects people can rally around. In processing this with others at the meetings, we felt the Holy Spirit directing us to engage Southeast Asia with a special initiative in the summer of 2018. It seemed significant that this effort would be a collaboration of teams from like-minded, like-hearted churches from around the world. From this leading of the Lord and the many dialogues that followed, ENGAGE THE ISLANDS came about.

This summer, our family will be leading out in Southeast Asia by overseeing the headquarter base where interns and short-term teams will arrive for training before being sent out to one of our bases.

We are thrilled to be a part of ENGAGE THE ISLANDS! We are expectant that across the nation we will engage the lost with the story of Jesus, and, by God’s grace, see groups started that will catalyze a church-planting movement and reach the unreached. We believe these kinds of rally points create synergy and momentum not only for saturating one region with the Gospel, but also opportunities to equip believers, mobilize laborers and develop movement mentalities in our churches as well as the larger Body of Christ. Come join us as we follow the lead of Jesus living amongst the unreached!

To learn more about how you can be a part of ENGAGE THE ISLANDS this summer, visit engagetheislands.com.

The Universal Calling

“What is my calling?” I heard it often throughout my eight years of college ministry. It’s a good question, and not just for students. So, let me go ahead and answer it for you.

Before I do, here is a quick disclaimer: Aspects of our calling are unique to us – where you live, what job you take, who you marry – and the only way to find these answers are a lifelong process of seeking God.


We are all called to love God and each other. We are all called to live holy lives and serve the poor. I find too many of us try to find the answer to the unique aspects of our calling but don’t invest enough time learning to live out the universal parts of our calling. My experience is that when I begin to live out what I already know, God begins to reveal what is next.

With this in mind, let’s read 2 Corinthians 5:18-20:

“All this is from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to Himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And He has committed to us the message of reconciliation. We are therefore Christ’s ambassadors, as though God were making His appeal through us. We implore you on Christ’s behalf: Be reconciled to God.”

This passage sobers me as I consider its implications, realizing that Jesus gave me His ministry; the ministry He died for; the ministry that is the only hope for this broken world. If you have been reconciled to God then you are deputized to reconcile others. This is your calling.

We live it out by becoming an ambassador. Ambassadors serve as the official representative of one kingdom to another and is revealed in everything they do, their words and their lifestyle.

To be a messenger is the calling, but each ambassador is given a unique assignment. Your assignment may be as a lawyer, student, businesswoman, teacher, mechanic, politician or stay-at-home mom, but first and foremost, you are an ambassador. And that alone is in an incredible calling.


1. PRAY CONSISTENTLY // It’s overwhelming to step into the pain and brokenness permeating the world around us, but we are not left on our own. When Jesus commissioned us to step into a hurting world He promised to go with us. Start praying for co-workers and others around you by name and watch the power of God begin to work.

2. LIVE LIKE JESUS // Our most powerful testimony is our lifestyle. Serve someone today. Encourage a co-worker. Take time to listen to a neighbor share about their life. Jesus lived entirely different than the world around Him; when we live the same way, people notice!

3. SHARE THE MESSAGE OF JESUS // The natural result of looking like Jesus is the opportunity to talk about Him. If you commit to pray and you resolve to live the Kingdom, then you will consistently have the chance to share your testimony, and ultimately to see lives transformed.

Let’s resolve to live on mission with God. Even while we strive to discover the unique aspects of our calling, let’s first commit to live out what God has already given us.

By Drew Steadman – Adult Pastor


ENGAGE THE NATIONS is off to a great start this summer. Interns have been on the ground for exactly one month and have two months to go! We are in awe at the things God is doing among the nations. Check out a recap of what has been going on at some of our locations:


Our team has seen God move powerfully on their outreaches. One day one of our interns asked God if there was anyone specific they should share with or somewhere specific they should go. God brought a picture to mind and he wrote it down in his phone. Our team went to a park and saw the group God had showed them. They showed the group the notes on their phone and the group stopped what they were doing and said to our interns, “Tell us what you have to say to us.” They shared the Gospel and were invited back to share and study the Bible with them the next night. One man was amazed at what they were sharing and decided to download and read the entire book of John on his phone so he could know more about Jesus and what it means to obey His voice.


Our team was on campus at University of Cape Town, and a couple of our interns began a game of spike ball. A man was sitting nearby and they invited him to join. He declined because he had a field hockey injury. Our team asked if they could pray for his injured knee and he agreed. They prayed once and it got a little better. They prayed two more times, and after the third time all the pain was gone! He was absolutely shocked and kept testing his knee out to try to find the pain. Our team explained that Jesus healed him and loved him. They then invited him to church, and are looking forward to seeing him again.


In Indonesia, our interns went to a small house church to share and pray with the members. Before they arrived, they felt God speak to them several different people needed to be healed and specifically what needed to be healed. After sharing with the members, the interns prayed for many in the room to be healed and everyone was. Every specific word that God shared about areas of pain that needed to be healed came to pass. There are many, many more stories just like these that have happened at every single one of our bases.


There is an apartment complex in the city that is occupied by Syrian and Afghani refugee families. Many of these children are held back in school or not able to go because they do not speak English. Our intern team has several free resources and can teach ESL. This gives them the ability to outreach to these families on a regular basis, and they are excited to share the love of Jesus with them.


Since our team arrived there have been many stories of salvations, healings and miracles. A few of our interns were invited to dinner by a Syrian Refugee family. While there, they learned that the father of the family had a hurt shoulder and severe back pain. The interns asked if they could pray for him. The father allowed them to pray and God healed him completely while they prayed! After this they learned the wife was also in pain, and they asked to pray for her as well. God also touched and healed her body. This opened the door for them to be able to share the Gospel with the family. In hearing the story of the Gospel, they began to cry at the hope that was shared with them that day.


In Peru, our team is working with two churches, Calvary Chapel and Vida Church, and two other ministries, Casa de Aguilar and ATEK. Our team is helping Calvary Chapel start a café as a way to support their church financially and build a bridge to connect to university students. They have also been partnering with Casa de Aguilar by doing service projects and interacting with the kids of Casa.They have also been visiting Quechuan villages with ATEK. Many of the Quechuan people are followers of Jesus, but there are also many who have never heard the Gospel and are considered unreached. While visiting a school in one of the villages, our team performed a drama and shared the Gospel. Almost all the kids at the school received Jesus as their savior that morning!


While out in the city, one of our interns felt like God highlighted a man who had back pain. The man did not speak English, but they used Google Translate to communicate. He asked the man if he had back pain, and the man said he did. Our intern shared about Jesus being a healer, and asked the man if he could pray for him. The man agreed, and his back was completely healed!


Children have been a gateway in Tijuana for families hearing and/or receiving Christ into their lives. While at an orphanage, a little girl from the neighborhood came to play but had to return home to change her clothes and ask permission to play games the interns were facilitating. She took one of the interns along with her to her house where the intern shared the Gospel with the mom and lead her to Christ.


While doing outreach in a smaller city, our team met a group of young girls and began talking with them. As they were talking, our team learned that many of the girls had dreamed of a man in white. Our team was able to share with them about Jesus, and prayed for them to have more dreams and visions.

To Seek and Save: 7 Ways to Walk out in the Power of the Holy Spirit

Jesus came to seek and save the lost. He doesn’t delight in the death of the wicked for He desires for all to be saved. Everyone is made for relationship with Jesus, and we have been given the opportunity to live our lives in a way that gives people the opportunity to step into that relationship.


The Gospel brings restoration, and we are responsible for proclaiming the truth to the lost and broken. There is power when we lay a foundation of prayer. And we are called to be in tandem with the Holy Spirit, who is within us, giving us authority and power.

Walking out in the power of the Holy Spirit may seem difficult or confusing, but it isn’t meant to be that way. It is something we are re made for. We need the power of God, not only for ourselves, but to also see others set free.


  • 1. Continually be filled with the Holy Spirit // Every morning, pray to be filled with the power of God.
  • 2. Renew your mind with the Word // Having the Word of God ingrained in our hearts restores confidence in the character of God and understanding of all Jesus has for us.
  • 3. Cultivate friendship with the Holy Spirit // We need the presence of God, so spend time with Him. As we make it a habit to spend time with God every day, we will learn to hear and see what the Father is saying and doing.
  • 4. Risk // Don’t be afraid to step out boldly. As long as you go out in love and humility, you win every time.
  • 5. Feed off the testimonies of what God is already doing // A testimony for one is a testimony for all. Hearing what God has done stirs our faith, and gives us expectancy for God to continue to move.
  • 6. Fellowship // Be intentional to fellowship with those who are walking closely with the Spirit. It ignites something in our own hearts.
  • 7. Hunger // Ask God to cultivate hunger for His power to be released in your life.

By Colby Lehman – Lead Pastor Antioch Raleigh


Today ENGAGE THE NATIONS interns from across the Antioch Movement are heading out for three months to 16 different locations. In the coming weeks, many of them will be joined by short-term teams, with the goal to love, serve and share the Gospel with the people in each nation.

Whether you are jumping in with ENGAGE THE NATIONS this summer or you’re staying in Waco, you can still be a part of the work God is doing. We believe prayer lays the foundation for God to move! So, throughout the summer we encourage you to commit to praying for a different location each week.


  • The Arab Peninsula // Interns will participate in church planting initiatives and start Discovery Bible Study groups as part of the team’s strategy to catalyze global culture house churches.
    • Pray for more house churches to be established
    • Pray for fruitful Discovery Bible Studies
    • Pray for church-planting initiatives in neighboring cities to be established

  • Bangkok, Thailand // This team will be a part of facilitating strategic prayer times and participate in dynamic outreach opportunities using street dramas and park outreaches.
    • Pray for fruitful outreaches
    • Pray for the team’s village outreaches
    • Pray for the team to find creative opportunities to share the Gospel

  • Brussels, Belgium // Interns will help develop and pioneer a church-planting movement among Europeans and engage in social justice initiatives, including serving refugees, feeding the homeless, caring for orphans and widows and working with women and men trapped in the red-light district.
    • Pray for locals to be stirred and receptive to the Gospel
    • Pray for the vulnerable to be protected and empowered
    • Pray for refugees to find their hope in Jesus and not a location

  • Budapest, Hungary // The long-term team has found younger Hungarians to be open and drawn to social justice work, creating an entry point for the team to serve alongside locals, sharing the Gospel in the process. Interns will have a unique opportunity to develop strategies to reach students in the area and invite them into a bigger vision for their lives.
    • Pray for Hungarians to find their hope in Jesus
    • Pray for strong relationships to be built with locals
    • Pray for hunger to be stirred in the locals

  • Cape Town, South Africa // Interns will take part in fulfilling Jesus’ command to care for the least of these in our city while investing in others to see house churches planted in the area.
    • Pray for the house churches planted within the townships to thrive
    • Pray for spiritual and practical needs to be met for people living in the townships
    • Pray for those living in poverty to be empowered and encouraged

  • Cusco, Peru // Interns will have the opportunity to pioneer church-planting initiatives in the villages through exploration and building organic relationships with locals.
    • Pray for local children to know the love of the Father
    • Pray for the unengaged and unreached to be receptive of the Gospel
    • Pray for the team’s village outreaches to be fruitful

  • Detroit, Michigan // The team has been given a unique opportunity to serve refugees within the city. Interns will also have the opportunity to teach ESL classes, serve in women’s gyms and safe houses, develop urban agriculture and run sports camps.
    • Pray for crime and violence to end in the city
    • Pray for the refugees to be welcomed and cared for
    • Pray for unity in the city

  • East Java, Indonesia // The team is looking to seek out local believers to disciple and train in hopes of creating a sustainable disciple-making movement in the region.
    • Pray for breakthrough within the house churches
    • Pray for the team to be filled with boldness as they share throughout the city
    • Pray for the team to encounter people of peace

  • Jakarta, Indonesia // Interns will share the Gospel broadly with the goal of pioneering a disciple-making movement among the ninety-percent of the population that has never heard the true story of Jesus. They will also work with at-risk youth and care for refugees from the Middle East.
    • Pray for refugees to be cared for and to be open to the Gospel
    • Pray for the unreached to be reached and filled with hunger
    • Pray for the youth programs our team will be starting

  • North Africa // Interns will be a part of scouting locations throughout the nation, and help lay the groundwork for church planting in the future.
    • Pray for the underground church to continue to grow and be protected
    • Pray for the team to have fruitful Discover Bible Studies
    • Pray for God to give our team wisdom and clarity as they seek to lay the foundation for future work in this nation

  • Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic // Interns will get to be in on the beginning of a disciple making movement while having the opportunity to engage in increasing awareness and prevention of sex trafficking.
    • Pray for trafficking to end and for victims to find healing
    • Pray for the spirit of religion to be broken off, and for people to be invited into relationship with Jesus
    • Pray for discipleship relationships to be established

  • Sicily, Italy // Interns will offer assistance to refugees who have recently arrived, provide practical and immediate needs, host sports outreach events, take part in a food and clothing aid program and share the love of Jesus in the process.
    • Pray for the refugees’ hearts to be softened toward the Gospel and for every need to be met
    • Pray for the new ministry center the team will be opening in the city
    • Pray for trafficking in Sicily to end and for the vulnerable to be given a voice

  • South Asia Epicenter // Interns will be a part of church-planting and have the opportunity to serve with their talents in either a justice, ministry or business track.
    • Pray for those trapped in slavery to be set free
    • Pray for the unreached to have the opportunity to hear and respond to the Gospel
    • Pray for businesses to serve as a place of outreach

  • Thessaloniki, Greece // Interns in Thessaloniki will work in refugee camps to meet practical needs, build relationships and share the love of Jesus.
    • Pray for the team to be filled with wisdom and direction, as things in Greece are constantly shifting
    • Pray for the practical and spiritual needs of the refugees to be met
    • Pray for hope to be restored and for the vulnerable to be protected

  • Tijuana, Mexico // Interns will develop relationships and lead discipleship groups as the team contends for the younger generation and invests in the lives of orphaned children.
    • Pray for the people of Tijuana to be set free from addiction
    • Pray for the children in the orphanages our team will be working in
    • Pray for feelings of hopelessness and fear to be broken off the people

  • Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia // Interns will not only experience city life, but will also travel to the center of the country- sharing the Gospel and starting churches. Interns will experience Mongolian nomadic life, of which little has changed for thousands of years.
    • Pray for the work of UnBound Mongolia and for trafficking to end
    • Pray for the discipleship relationships to be established
    • Pray for unity among each of the house churches

In addition to praying for our teams throughout the summer, join us in praying for each of our teams as they travel to their new homes today.

Awaken 2017: Day 1

AWAKEN, our College Ministry’s annual spring break mission trip, is officially here! Each year more than 400 college students and leaders head to Edinburg, Texas, excited to share the love of Jesus and serve the people of the Rio Grande Valley.


The morning was spent attending churches throughout the area. Some of our students had the opportunity to help lead worship!

After some down time at the hotel, students headed out on their first round of outreaches.

Our dance teams kick off each of the outreaches.

There are always a ton of kids at the parks, and playing with them is a blast!

We believe our prayers are powerful and effective! // We love having the opportunity to pray with people at the parks.

Each day ends with team time! There is nothing better than gathering together to share testimonies and encouragements

Throughout the week we want to bring you in on all God is doing in Edinburg, so stay tuned for more recaps. And please join us in praying for God to prepare the hearts of individuals and families in Edinburg who will hear the Gospel this week.


Shout out to our amazing volunteer photographers for helping us out this week: Will Aker, Bethany Hicks and Kassy Martinez,