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AWAKEN 2016: Day 2

Today, we had our first morning session where we worshiped together and Carl shared on the Father heart of God. We then went out to various locations throughout the city for service projects. We helped paint a classroom, fix up a local church, sorted at a food pantry and distributed food in a local neighborhood. We finished the day with outreaches in parks and on the local university campus. It was a great day!

We had our first morning session where we worshiped and Carl shared on the Father heart of God.

Students had their first morning session where they worshiped and Carl shared on the Father heart of God.

Students getting ready to head out on their outreaches.

Students getting ready to head out on their outreaches.

After spending time worshiping together and hearing a teaching, students break up into their teams to go and serve the community of Edinburg. The bus isn’t just a form of transportation. Much of the community building amongst the students starts from conversations had on the bus!

After spending time worshiping together and hearing a teaching, students break up into their teams to go and serve the community of Edinburg. The bus isn’t just a form of transportation. Much of the community building amongst the students starts from conversations had on the bus!

We spent part of our day helping clean up on of the churches in the city.

Students spent part of their day helping clean up on of the churches in the city.

Students got to pass out food at a local food bank.

Students got to pass out food at a local food bank.

Bad weather didn't keep us from finishing our day with outreaches. Our drama teams are doing a great job of portraying the Gospel.

Bad weather didn’t keep these students from finishing their day with outreaches. The drama teams are doing a great job of portraying the Gospel.

Please join with us in praying for Day 3 of AWAKEN today!

  • Pray for sunny weather and no rain. Our students are having a carnival tonight and we need good weather so lots of people will come!
  • Pray for many people to come to the carnival and for them to have fun and experience the love of God.
  • Pray for our students to continue to encounter God in powerful ways and experience deep community with each other.

Traditions Make Us Family

There are very few activities we do around Antioch that can truly be considered an “Antioch Tradition.” Traditions are often the things we do to bring us together and give us shared memories as a family. One tradition we have started back in the late 80’s when some people gathered in a circle to pray and send off a small group of missionaries to the nations to share the love of Jesus with those who had never heard.

The tradition has now been repeated hundreds of times for more than 25 years.  But the thing that stands out as truly unique is the moment when everyone grabs hands, binding the circle together, and sings the song that has marked the event.

“Hallelujah, He reigns in majesty. Hallelujah, He reigns in glory.”

That’s the song.  That’s the tradition.  That’s the moment that ties every other missionary send off to the ones before it. Hallelujah, He Reigns by Dennis Jernigan has become the anthem for every missionary Antioch Waco has sent out for the last 25 years.

I remember standing outside the church in 1992, holding hands in a circle for my first send-off celebration and singing “the song.”  To be honest, it didn’t mean much to me at the time.  Now, more than twenty year later, when I sing that song, standing with my band of brothers and sisters, my extended family,

I feel the weight of history and the calling on Antioch to reach the nations with the unfathomable love of Jesus.

That song has become more than a song to me.  It is truly a tradition and an anthem that encapsulates a message we want the world to know.  Jesus is truly reigning in majesty, glory and righteousness.  We want to stand as people who believe it unconditionally, and share that message with a world that so desperately needs to hear it.

Whether serving in the U.S or overseas, we continue to gather around our missionaries

and send them out with song and prayer.

Letter from Jimmy: World Mandate 2016

Dear Antioch,

We are so thrilled and expectant for all God is going to do at World Mandate 2016! One major adjustment for this year is that we were not able to secure the Ferrell Center at Baylor University. Nor were we able to secure a different venue to hold even half the number of last year’s attendees. Therefore, we had to make a major adjustment in our strategy while still providing a worshipful and challenging atmosphere for everyone.

So, World Mandate 2016 will be one conference in many locations.

The main LIVE venue will be at First Baptist Woodway in Waco. Then, we will have satellite campuses at Antioch Waco, Antioch Baton Rouge, Boston, Antioch College Station and Antioch Houston. Each site will have a live worship band and the speakers will be streamed by video and be like the World Mandate you’ve always experienced.

World Mandate started in 1998 with the vision to empower college students with God’s heart for the nations.

This message has expanded through the years and is for all ages but the conference has predominately been attended by young adults and college students. Therefore, we are giving young people ages 16 to 29 first priority for the LIVE site at First Baptist Woodway. Leaders of youth and college may also attend with their students.

For those in Waco who are not in that age group, we will meet in Antioch’s auditorium at a lower ticket price than the LIVE location. There will be live worship and the energy of a full house! In order to minister to families, we will also host a coinciding kids’ conference, a “World Mandate” for your kids.

We are not only excited to expand this year like never before, but we are very excited for Waco to have two sites instead of one, offering a broader spectrum of ministry to families. We want you to be a part of World Mandate! With limited seating for both locations in Waco, we encourage you to register quickly at worldmandate.com. We expect both sites to sell out.

I encourage you to take a moment and watch this video to find out more about the vision of the conference and get excited.

We love you and are looking forward to the journey ahead.

Jimmy Seibert

Senior Pastor, Antioch Waco

Your Part

Since being back from iCON, multiple people have asked me, “How would you describe iCON?” I have found myself replying, “It’s like the biggest family reunion you’ve ever been to.” Old college roommates are reuniting. You’re hugging friends you did the discipleship school with. And this year especially, there are people you’ve never seen in your life. (Did you know the Antioch Movement has 28 churches in the U.S. as well as 59 teams in 34 different nations?) U.S. churches planted through Antioch Waco are now sending out their own  U.S. churches and international workers – people who have never set foot in Waco. As I met missionaries from around the world, it felt like I was meeting extended family members for the first time. Though we have never lived in the same city or been at the same church on a Sunday morning, we shared the same history, values and dreams. It was amazing to hear stories of what God is doing in our nation and around the world. “Daily testimonies were shared of healings, salvations and discipleship movements happening in our nation and all over the world.

It’s an exciting time to be part of Antioch. God is on the move in a powerful way!

As our movement has gotten larger, I have at times asked myself the question, “Do I have a part to play in what God is doing through the Antioch Movement?” But I was struck again and again as people shared at iCON that these missionaries are just simple people living lives of a simple yes to God. Some of them are engineers, businessmen or medical professionals. But they have chosen to give God everything – not just their Sunday mornings. I expected to come away from iCON feeling guilty for not living in Africa. But instead I came away feeling compelled to live a fully devoted life for God.

That’s what makes me part of this movement: living fully surrendered to Jesus.

For me right now, that means living in Waco being the best worship pastor, husband and friend I can be, loving those in front of me and bringing the Kingdom of God with me wherever I go.


As we go about our daily lives, let’s join with our friends all over the world believing that God will move mightily in the nations. And let’s live lives that bring the Kingdom of God with us wherever we go. We all have a part to play in the Antioch Movement and in advancing His Kingdom.

By Owen Wible, Associate Worship Pastor

#AntiochYA in Tijuana: Day 5

We are headed back to Waco today!

We are sad to leave today but so excited for what God is doing in Tijuana. Thank you for keeping up with our trip and for joining us in praying for God to move in this city!

Our last full day in Tijuana was  rich. After our team time together we walked to a local park to host another outreach and sports tournament.

Our team had a blast playing soccer and volleyball with our new local friends.

After our sports tournament, we went to the beach and had an outreach where we performed a drama and shared the Gospel.

One of the girls who watched the drama and heard the Gospel gave her life to Jesus! We introduced her to some of the All People’s Tijuana long-term team members who then helped the girl share the Gospel with her dad. We’re believing the entire family is going to give their lives to Jesus!

Please join us in praying for safe travel and for the seeds of the Gospel that were planted during our time in Tijuana to take root.

#AntiochYA in Tijuana: Day 4

Today our team started our morning by asking for a fresh filling from the Holy Spirit. We asked Him to fill us so that we could give away what He put inside of us.

Next our team headed to a school to serve the staff by painting and cleaning the school grounds.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the boardwalk where we shared the Gospel, prayed for people and performed a drama and gave a Gospel presentation. More than 20 people gave their lives to Jesus and many people were healed!

Two guys on the team got to pray for a woman who had cancer and was experiencing back pain. She was unable to move several parts of her body. Almost immediately after they started praying the woman physically experienced the power of the Holy Spirit. After they finished praying, the woman said all the pain was gone! She even shared with everyone gathered at our outreach about how God had healed her body!

After worshiping together as a team we grabbed a quick lunch at the hotel before heading out for the rest of day.

The team loved getting to bless a school by cleaning and painting. The staff was so appreciative!

Worshiping at the boardwalk.

We got to share the Gospel and pray for people who were hanging out at the boardwalk.

Day four was GOOD!

Today is our last day of outreaches! We will have another outreach in the city. Please pray for divine appointments, for the people we meet to feel loved and for our team to continue to experience radical freedom and breakthrough because of this trip!

#AntiochYA Tijuana: Day 3

As we listened to Jonathan share their story, we were challenged by this family’s obedience and commitment to see the Gospel spread in this city! Next we went on an outreach to an outdoor city market. Our team was so encouraged to see many people respond and ask for prayer. One woman experienced the power of the Holy Spirit for the first time!

After spending some time at the market, the team headed to a local orphanage, where we spent several hours serving the staff and cleaning the facilities. We wrapped up the night with team time at the Lair’s home and some delicious homemade Mexican tacos!

Worship was led by Owen Wible and our Young Adult worship team. It was the best way to start our day.

We got to share the Gospel and pray for people at the local market.

The market was down the street from the ocean!

We spent the afternoon an orphanage where we served the staff and spent time cleaning the facilities.

We also got to play with the kids and had a blast!

We ended the day at the Lair’s home and had an amazing, authentic Mexican meal.

The team is having a blast so far and can’t wait for day four!

As we start day four, please pray for continued energy, endurance and that our team would be filled to overflowing as they continue to minister on outreaches!

#AntiochYA Tijuana: Days 1 & 2

Our Young Adult team landed in San Diego Saturday morning for their mission trip to Tijuana. Days one and two were all about building community as a team and serving the church!

On Sunday, day two, the team helped set up church at All People’s San Diego and then attended the service. Then they headed to Mexico where they spent time meeting people on the streets and inviting them to All People’s Tijuana.

It’s been a great first two days and everyone’s excited for day three!

We started our first full day of the trip attending Antioch’s church plant, All People’s San Diego.

We loved getting to worship at All People’s San Diego. The unity among the Church is so encouraging.

After church we headed to Mexico to invite people to attend All People’s Tijuana.

Worshiping at All People’s Tijuana.

We got ice cream down the street from our hotel and got to share the Gospel with the shop owner.

Please join with us in praying for our Young Adult trip today!

  • Pray for the team as they have an outreach in Tijuana and spend time at an orphanage.
  • Pray for them to love others well and share the Gospel with boldness.
  • Pray for the team to continue to encounter God in powerful ways and experience deep community with each other.

Called to Go

As a teenager, I remember reading about mission trips that other teens went on and how it changed their lives and more importantly how it changed the lives of the nations. But I didn’t really know. So when a friend invited me to World Mandate, I was curious. I knew nothing about the conference, but the friend who invited me went the year before and said it changed his life forever. He told me they would talk about the nations and so my very tender heart and I wanted in.

As soon as I walked in the door I saw different countries represented on the walls of the hallways. Immediately my eyes filled with tears. What was it about these countries? Why did I care? I never seemed to care before when studying for my geography tests in high school. But this was different.

Worship began and it wasn’t long before my heart broke in a thousand pieces. I had no idea why, but looking back now, I realize God was moving deeply inside of me. By the end of the first session I knew my life was forever changed. I came back the next day with the doors of my heart flung wide open for all that was to come.

The following morning started with a skit. The lights dimmed and I heard a voice saying, “Let a cry be heard in heaven for the nations of the world. Let a cry go out, let a cry be heard. Jesus is the sovereign King of the nations. He is worthy of my life.” The skit ended with someone crying out, “It’s time. So the question comes to you: Who is going to go? Will it be you? Who will be faithful?

People ran to the front saying “I will go! I will go!” And the same cry started to rise up in my heart. Every fiber in my being wanted to get up and go to the front. I clenched the armrests and told myself over and over, “It’s just a skit. Don’t go. Don’t run to the front, stay where you are. It’s just a skit.” But my life was changed. Nothing would ever be the same again because I now knew the nations and the unreached people were crying out and God was calling my name. “Who is going to go? Will it be you? Who will be faithful?”

From that day forward, the nations have been on my heart, the unreached peoples my cry and Antioch my tribe all for One Passion, One Purpose and One Man: Jesus.

After graduating High School I moved to Waco to attend the Discipleship School and eventually the Church-Planting School. Now I can’t wait to join a team in SE Asia and be a part of reaching these people that God cares about so deeply.


Ask God if there’s a place or a people group He wants you to carry. How can you say yes now? Maybe it’s praying or maybe it’s going. Choose to be a part of God’s heart for the nations now!

Kids Helping Kids Meet Jesus

For the last decade, our belief has been that kids are not the future church, but rather contributing members right now.  When they are saved they have the Holy Spirit working inside of them and have been given gifts to minister, preach, teach, pray and share with their friends about the love of Jesus.

We are seeing this happen in Indonesia. A few months ago we joined with a local church here to help kids reach out to their friends by inviting them to a Bible study. We were very clear that it was a Bible study and we were very clear that kids would be the leaders. We chose six kids who wanted to help their friends meet Jesus. Annie and Josh are among those along with one Australian and three Indonesian kids.  The oldest leader is Annie – age 11!

Kids come for one hour and we do Lifegroup. They play and study the Bible together. The result is elementary kids introducing other elementary aged kids to Jesus. Kids of all different faiths come and our kids help them learn about who Jesus is and how much He loves them and can help them.

It isn’t super polished, it isn’t super showy, but kids are doing it all!

We create the curriculum and kids pray throughout the week and study the story and develop their own questions based on the Bible story. Then one child leads the five to 10 minute large group teaching. After that, they break up into small groups of about four to eight kids and they study the Bible together and pray for each other. Adult leaders (the “Coaches”) watch, hold their tongue to keep from interrupting and making it “better.” After Lifegroup, the coaches meet with the kid leaders to talk, pray and give advice, but during the meeting the kid is fully leading.

God can use kids and we are seeing it!

Parents willingly bring their kids because they want their kids to learn English or they like our kids. Everyone knows we are talking about Jesus but because it is kids they are fine with their kids attending. Kids are disarming. Kids often fly under the radar because they are cute and little. But in God’s eyes, these kids are disciplers, teachers and trainers leading their friends to Jesus.

Brothers and sisters, think of what you were when God chose you. Not many of you were considered wise by human standards. Not many of you were powerful. Not many of you belonged to important families. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise. God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God chose the things of this world that are common and looked down on. God chose things considered unimportant to do away with things considered important. So no one can boast to God. 1 Corinthians 1:26-29 (NIV)



  • For these kids to help many kids meet Jesus!
  • For the Lifegroup to flourish and for the kids who come to then take what they hear home and share it with their families.