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Movement Documentary Update

Hello from the Movement Team!

We’ve been in the process of editing over the last couple of months and we are really seeing the story come together. What we continue to see and experience is the steadfastness of the love of God for his people–that when people encounter Him for who He truly is and enter into a community where God’s love is released and pursued, lives are forever changed and set free. In some ways, trying to encapsulate that into documentary form is a challenge.

How do you sum up the unbelievable ways God is moving all over the world?

But what continues to pervade this story is the sheer power of simplicity in relationship with God and in loving others as a part of a community.

We’ve come up with a trailer and hope that it provides a little taste of what’s to come. The finished documentary will be coming your way soon!

Check out the trailer.

Thanks for all the love, prayers and support!

-The Movement Team

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