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Impact Trip to Mongolia

Earlier this summer I had the privilege of leading a team of college students to Mongolia on a summer impact trip; while there we jumped into all that Antioch Mongolia is doing — meeting young Mongolians during street party outreaches, building friendships at church and even helping produce the first World Mandate Asia. God is moving in Mongolia and it was so much fun being a part!

Another way that our team met Mongolians was by participating in English conversation practice with young adults at local english learning schools. After these classes we would invite the students to join us for coffee. On one of these occasions I met a young guy named Tuugu (like pogo but with a “T”). Tuugu was initially quiet but after playing a few games with us he opened up. He and I went outside the coffee shop to cool down (with 50 people in a tiny room, it can warm up pretty quickly).

Left: College ministry students hanging out with a Mongolian student, Right: Baptism in Mongolia!

Outside we talked about life in Mongolia and America; he then asked me, “What good and bad do you see in Mongolia?” With this question I began talking about all people’s need for relationship with Jesus. While Tuugu had heard of Jesus, he’d never heard of the friendship I talked of. After sharing the Gospel with him, Tuugu decided he wanted to follow Jesus! I had him ask God the question, “What do you think of me?” He heard God say He loves him and to tell others about Jesus. Tuugu’s face lit up with joy and excitement.

Celebrating the One Year Anniversary of Antioch Mongolia

Shortly after, the entire team did a street party outreach and Tuugu joined us. We played music, danced and met Mongolians walking by. Tuugu helped our team translate, prayed with Mongolians and even took over in the middle of me sharing the Gospel with someone. This man was immediately transformed because he encountered a loving friend in Jesus and a powerful Father who spoke to directly to his heart!

By Nate Hutcherson

The Mongolia Impact Trip crew