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Young Adult Fall Out Recap

Recently our Young Adult Ministry went to Austin for a retreat and outreach weekend. It was a refreshing and fun weekend of worship, teaching and ministering to the community. Check out a few testimonies from our weekend:

  • On Saturday, we partnered with Antioch Austin to host a carnival for the neighborhood. One of our Lifegroup leaders, Nicole, connected with a 10-year-old boy when we got to the carnival. The boy mentioned that he wasn’t doing well in school and that his teacher told him he’d be in 4th grade forever and that he’d grow up to be no good. Nicole encouraged him and taught him to hear God’s voice. He heard God say, “I love you, son.” The boy’s friend was nearby and someone was sharing the Gospel with him, but he was unsure if he wanted to pray to follow Jesus. Then Ariel, the boy who had just learned to hear God’s voice, turned and encouraged the other boy to trust Jesus. He then prayed to receive Jesus!
  • Kristyn was our amazing details person, and helped us organize the whole weekend. By her own admission, she just wanted to get things done and hadn’t really thought about how God wanted to use her. Kristyn also shared with us that street evangelism was really challenging for her and she didn’t want to do it. After going with Darius, who is passionate about evangelism, they were able to reach out to people and have some amazing conversations. The next night, Kristyn decided to go on the late night 6th street outreach. She said she had never seen a healing before, but she had faith for it. That night she prayed for three people who got healed of pain in their bodies!
  • There were several people on our trip who were very new Waco and the Young Adult Ministry as well. Across the board God took a group of people and put us in a family. God reconciled people back to the Church and to His people, and did a huge work of unity.

My big takeaway was that anytime we give space to get more of God and more of His people, it works, He shows up and changes us!

By Chase Moore – Young Adult Associate Pastor

Outreach in Uganda – A Discipleship School Testimony

It took a long time to get to Uganda – a very long time.

Think 18 hours of flying and 10 hours of driving, and you’ve made it. But I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

My team consisted of 16 adults and kids. The goal of our trip was to share the Gospel and ultimately find hungry people who would lead discipleship groups of Ugandans after we were gone. Each morning we met as a team to worship, encourage one another and get vision for the day. Then we were sent out to the city in twos.

One day, my husband and I were in a group with two of the kids from our team. We prayed for guidance, and then we each shared what we had received from the Lord. My husband saw a picture of windowpanes. Since we didn’t have a specific destination, at each intersection we simply took turns asking God which direction to go.

L: Some of our team helped cook a meal at an orphanage that we visited. R: Rice and beans are typical fare for lunch.

We found ourselves on the campus of a technical college walking past a cornfield when my husband saw windowpanes that matched the picture he had received earlier. We went to investigate but only found an abandoned building. Giving up, we turned around to leave. We were stopped short by a man driving up on a motorcycle.

His name was Stephen, and he was a professor at the college. He had planned to go out with his colleagues that afternoon but felt like he should return home instead. That sounded like a divine appointment to us!

L: Some of the teachers on our team visited a nearby school to share Jesus. R: A typical scene in Uganda

He invited us into his home – adjacent to the abandoned building with the windowpanes – and we each took turns sharing part of God’s story from creation to Christ. He was excited to hear stories from the Bible and shared his desire for the people of his tribe to know them, too. We encouraged him to share these stories with others and promised we would come back again.

I remember walking away in amazement at how many things had to work together perfectly in order for that meeting to happen.

God was leading us as well as our new friend, Stephen.

We returned one more time to visit Stephen and found out he had told the stories to others and was eager to hear more. We led him and another friend through a discovery Bible study and encouraged them to keep sharing what God was teaching them.

Our time in Uganda was over before we knew it. By the end of two weeks, our team had met more than 30 people who were hungry to know the Word of God and share with others. We gave their information to the long-term team to connect with in the future.

One day our team met for our morning meeting under the mango tree at our hotel.

While we won’t be there to see these people grow in their faith, I’m so thankful to have played a small part in their stories and in God’s plan for Uganda.

We all have a part to play, and one day I look forward to seeing the full tapestry of how God has woven all those parts together into one magnificent masterpiece.

By Heather Garcia, Antioch Night Discipleship School Class of 2014

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Outreach in Capetown: A Testimony from the Antioch Discipleship School

When we first landed in Cape Town, South Africa we knew it would be a battle to stay focused on our mission with all of the beautiful mountains and beaches surrounding us. We had three weeks in paradise but were there for a bigger purpose – God’s purpose.

Our main goal was to minister to students from the University of Cape Town and connect them to Lifegroups. For the first couple of days we didn’t have much response from students and became discouraged. There was one team meeting where we each had to express our level of contentment with thumbs up, thumbs down or somewhere in between – the “thumbmometer.”  All but two people had thumbs all the way down indicating our team was a feeling pretty discouraged and worn out.

But the turn around came when we realized we were trying too hard. Jesus never set aside a specific time to heal the sick and feed the hungry. He did not set aside a couple hours a day to perform miracles; He did it as He went. He made it a way of life. So our team developed an, “as we go” mentality. For some of us that meant getting coffee and talking to students at the coffee shop. For others it meant going to Crossfit classes downtown and ministering to the instructors and members of the gym.

At the end of the first week one of our teammates, Chris, saw a guy wearing a pair of shorts he liked. Chris had been looking for a pair to buy and decided to ask him where he bought them. This simple question sparked an hour and a half long conversation where Chris was able to share his own testimony and ask the guy, Nick, about his faith.

Nick told him he had been trying to rediscover his faith but had so many unanswered questions that it was hard for him to wrap his mind around God. The Christians he knew weren’t willing to answer his questions and made him feel like he was being offensive for asking them. Chris explained how God made Nick’s mind to ask questions and that God was not offended by it.

A few days later the two went hiking and were able to sort through more of Nick’s questions. Chris found most of his questions could be answered with the Gospel. Chris explained it is out of relationship with God that he follows what the Bible says to do, and as Christians we obey out of love and not obligation. As they hiked back down the mountain Chris felt God bring a verse to mind.

“Behold I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and they with me.”  Revelation 3:20

When Chris spoke it aloud, Nick responded, “Actually it’s like I’m standing inside, looking out the window excitedly waiting for Jesus to come and hoping He doesn’t forget about me.” Then he asked how to have a relationship with Jesus and decided to give his life to Christ!

We are given a perfect model for mission work when we look at Jesus’ life. It doesn’t have to be a forced and an uncomfortable task. It is as simple as following your own intuition and letting God put people in your path as you go.

While in Cape Town we were able to minister to more than a hundred college students and families. We saw two miraculous healings and four salvations! It is amazing how God can use us more when we choose to rest in Him.

By Ashley Lipscomb, Antioch Discipleship School student

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Kids Can Change The World!

Who says kids can’t change the world?

Last Thursday, more than 50 fifth and sixth graders did an outreach on Austin Avenue for Halloween. This is an annual event for The Quest, our kids ministry for fourth through sixth graders.

The kids shared the love of Jesus with other kids, performed puppet shows, dances and dramas, gave out candy and refreshments and had lots of fun.

It was a blast!

Who says kids can’t change the world? These kids are doing it every day!