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Interview with the Brothers Gulley: It Is Finished Edition

Today marks the release of AntiochLIVE’s new album, It Is Finished. We sat down with brothers James Mark and Stephen Gulley to get their thoughts on the project.

What was it like working with Producer Jeremy Edwardson? What unique element does he bring to the album?

Stephen: It was very fun to work with Jeremy because he’s got this great blend of super relaxed but also very confident and focused with where he wants to take us, and so it’s just very easy to work with him. There’s a special freshness he brought to the table with a new perspective; he was really envisioned and energized about our vision. And then he brings just this really cool, anthemic rock vibe to the album in general and he’s just got a sound that people are starting to love listening to. And any time we got stuck he always had this perspective that there are a lot of possibilities of what we can do with this. He kept the process moving forward in a very relaxed but very focused way.

JMG: He just has a knack for capturing the live worship experience and just to put it short, he’s better at it than we are and we love what he does. I think what he picked up on was our burning desire to bring people into a worship experience that changes their life and him helping us take what’s good and make it great. And our thing was like, “We want to learn from you, you’ve done this in a great way with Jesus Culture and Kari Jobe.”  He takes the best of who we are and makes it better; makes it something we couldn’t do by ourselves. He helped us serve people with the best version of what we have to offer.

Stephen: To bring someone in at as high caliber as him felt like a dream… come true… (laughter)

This album is a great mix of songs we’ve heard before and powerful new worship anthems. What was it like making an album that mixed old with the new?

JMG: Instead of thinking of it as old and new, think of it as an opportunity to reach people who have never heard these songs, so what are the best songs to get to them. And we thought Jeremy would be a good barometer for that, so we asked him which songs are best, excluding the last two albums. And we never really do anything without saying, “Lord what do you want us to do?” And it’s encouraging for Stephen and me who have been writing together for years to hear that some of these songs are not only relevant but a needed voice right now.

SG: I think that because it was really a prayerful process that was infused with vision it felt right to just do it this way. I would say on the night of the recording, having old and new, it just felt like a full-bodied experience. It made it an even more rich experience, kind of like if you come to a greater-size family gathering you have the grandparents all the way to the grandkids playing all of these songs – it just felt like this is all us, but us over time. It was just fun to see the people going nuts over all the songs and worshipping Jesus really passionately.

What do you feel like God is speaking to the movement through this album?

JMG: When I think of what the phrase “it is finished” stands for, what it evokes in me is a sense of victory and how that helps us see Jesus for who He is; that He is on top of the enemy, He’s on top of the things in our lives that seem to overwhelm us at times. And for us to have a battle cry, like a wake-up call to just say the phrase, “it is finished,” it’ll bring up the picture of Jesus on the cross.  But for those of us that want to know and live the story, we know the story didn’t end there, that was the end of the bad part of the story, and that the enemy is against us, the world is trying to press us down, but Jesus wins.

I also think it speaks to us about identity, that we stand with the Victorious One; the phrase, “there is therefore now no condemnation,” there is no distance. It is a statement of belief of the character of God. And that’s my hope for the album from the title track and all of the songs on the album. There is just so much of the Gospel on the album. In this season it seems that God is reminding us that we are doing the work of God and while we’re busy doing the work of God we will encounter opposition. And when we encounter opposition we might be tempted to shrink back, but we are not of those who shrink back. He’s done it and we stand with Him. So that’s what I think all these songs are saying as a collection and that’s what I think people need, but I think it is a word to our movement, that God is happy with us, He is proud of us for doing the work of God with Him. And it’s a battle, it’s an over-arching war, but Jesus has already won the war.

SG: I totally agree. I feel that worship can really communicate to the heart of people in a way that’s special. If I were to come and just listen to this album and talk about what I feel like God was saying, it’s the message of, “Hey, it is finished, so confidently rise up and run with Jesus;” just a higher sense of confidence, just run after the things God has put in front of us despite the despair of the attack. And I think that to rise up with confident faith and run with Him applies to corporate and personal journeys for the people who will listen to this; knowing He is with us but He’s also done what needs to be done for us to rise up with an even more confident faith; to run ahead. In Philippians 3:12-14, He says, “I press on so that I may lay hold of that for which also I was laid hold of by Christ Jesus. Brethren, I do not regard myself as having laid hold of it yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus;” just that sense of, “ press on.”

Get the album.

Hear the songs live at World Mandate.

Our God Comes Chord Charts

We want everyone to have the opportunity to worship with these 14 original songs!

We hope you’re enjoying the new songs from AntiochLIVE’s “Our God Comes.” This album is a celebration of a God who comes near to His people out of His great love and desire for us. It was a blast filling the Ferrell Center with these truths at World Mandate this past weekend!

Please follow the links below to get the chord charts for each song.

1. Come

2. God And King

3. Wonderful Counselor

4. God Who Saves

5. How Much More

6. I Will Raise

7. Response

8. Light Me Up

9. Awaken Us

10. One Hundred Three

11. Return

12. Savior Forever

13. Selah

14. Our God Comes

Whether you’re singing these songs with your church family or it’s just you and your guitar, we pray these songs take you into a greater place of intimacy and a lifestyle of worship to the Almighty God, Our God who comes.


Interview with the Gulley Brothers

One week from today, the new album from AntiochLIVE, Our God Comes, will be released at World Mandate and on iTunes. We sat down with the brains behind the AntiochLIVE machine, brothers James Mark and Stephen Gulley. (Stephen virtually joined us from San Diego!)

Do you guys have a favorite song from the album?

JMG: Wow, that’s like trying to pick a favorite child. Light me Up is a really fun song to sing. It is the heart of World Mandate. And I think I Will Raise just blows up every time.

SG: Yea, it feels like picking a favorite kid for me too! God and King – I think that with where we are in the songwriting journey, it feels more and more like we can write the songs and sounds that God is writing for this movement. More and more I just want God to get the glory, and that’s the point of these songs. There has just been something lit up in my heart about spreading God’s glory across the earth. And it’s really cool to have One Hundred Three come back in a fresh way 10 years later.

What are you guys listening to right now?

SG: I’m listening a lot to Passion, Let the Future Begin, and specifically the song, Whom Shall I Fear.

JMG: I’ve been listening to the new Hillsong Live album, Glorious Ruins. Stephen and I were able to travel to Hillsong Sydney in 2011. Now it’s like every time they release an album I feel like, “Great job you guys!” I learn from them, and they really just lead us all.

What is the worst song you’ve written, a song you maybe wish you never wrote?

JMG: That’s like asking me who my worst child is… just kidding.

SG: There’s not one that’s been recorded that I hate because we live in community, and we often have people say, “Uhhhh, I don’t know if that one’s going to work.”

JMG: For me it’s probably when I wrote so many songs between the ages of 15 and 18 that nobody ever heard. The things that I feel worst about are things I now know as an experienced songwriter that you never do, but that’s what I did, and people liked the songs then.

Do you guys have any pre-songwriting rituals? Or anything where you feel, “When I’m songwriting, it has to be like this…?”

Both laugh.

SG: I instagramed a picture one time captioned “songwriting essentials.”  It was us two at a coffee shop, with our warm drinks, only James Mark has his guitar, and we both have Evernote open and some apple device we’re using. Maybe the warm drink is the ritual, but it’s pretty much like that every time.

JMG: Yea it’s pretty much like that. Our ritual really is to connect before we write because that’s who we are as people. We’re both too relational. And maybe it would be better if only one of us was like that so we could get stuff done more quickly, but we’re both like that. We care really deeply about what is going on in each other’s life.

Tell us more about the new album.

JMG: The songs are all a declaration of who God is. We live in a place of greater faith, knowing what God wants to do, so we don’t have to say, “God, will you please come and do this.” Our God Comes declares we know He will not keep silent and that we will see the goodness of God in the land of the living. Not just positive thinking but statements of faith. This is just who He is.

SG: We are calling out, “Our God, come,” not because we are a dry people who didn’t receive, but because we are a people that know He is faithful, that He will always come. Whether to a service or into the life of a family member who is in a broken place or to that friend who has never known the love they have always wanted, our God comes.

As worship leaders, what is World Mandate like for you?

JMG: It’s cool because we get to sing the values of who we are and who God has called us to be. Our desire is to live World Mandate. You know, you can go to World Mandate West or World Mandate East, but the message is always that Jesus has come to set us free, we’ve got to tell the person next door and we’ve got to go the other side of the world. Jimmy sometimes says, “On some level I don’t like Christmas because people only celebrate that Jesus came to save the world for one day. And that should be everyday life – it’s just life to the full!”

This incredible album will be released next Friday, September 20th, at World Mandate and on iTunes. If you haven’t purchased your ticket to World Mandate, it’s not too late! Head on over to worldmandate.com to purchase your ticket now!