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Building Update From Jimmy

Dear Antioch Family,

Let me start off by saying, “Way to go team!” As you remember, during the week of September 25th we made the decision as a congregation to move forward and sign the contracts necessary to complete our Auditorium by Easter 2016. The total amount needed to get us into the building was $3.4 million, with an eventual additional $1 million needed to finish the new children’s space.

Our first deadline of $1.4 million is needed on December 7th, instead of the original deadline of November 15th – Praise the Lord! As of today, we have seen $688,000 come in toward the initial $1.4 million goal. That means we only need $712,000 more before December 7th. Since we have committed to these contracts, we need to do whatever it takes to partner with God to meet that goal.

We are thankful for what you have given, thankful for everyone rising up and we have a great challenge before us to meet our commitments by the week of December 7th.

But there is even better news!!!

Last week a family that has loved Antioch for years though they live in a different city, has committed to give $1,000,000.00 to the building in the next 90 days!  Yes! That is right my friends. We have prayed for a million dollar donor and God has answered. We are so honored and blessed that this family would believe in us at that level of love and commitment.

For those who are counting let me summarize where we are and what is needed to finish the job:

  1. The total need to finish the Auditorium was $3.4 million.
  2. $1.4 million is needed by December 7th. We currently have $688,000 and still need $712,000. The million dollar gift will not be given until January so this December deadline must be completed by us.
  3. With this generous $1 million gift, we will only need $1 million to be given over the next few months so we can be in our new Auditorium by Easter.

Thank you for being such an incredible team, incredible responders and sacrificial givers. Please encourage your friends who haven’t gotten involved to jump in so we can meet our goal of $1.4 million and be in by Easter.

I am so, so proud of everybody and excited about the journey!  I am thankful for all of the sacrifices that have been made. Let’s keep going to make it to the finish line.

In His strength and love,

Jimmy Seibert

Senior Pastor

$916,703 Raised!

Just in case you missed the announcement on Sunday, we raised all the money needed to meet the July deadline, which means the construction can continue and we are still on schedule to be in the new building on Easter of 2016. We are so thankful for your generosity, sacrifice and commitment to what God is doing among us. It is an honor to be part of this church family with each of you.

Check out some of the latest construction photos and a breakdown of what’s ahead.

Site of future bathrooms. Can we get an amen from all the ladies who are excited about the 300% increase in bathrooms?

Making progress with the plumbing.

The wood framing has started going up throughout the building.

The air ducts are going in.