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The Gathering 2017

On Sunday we gathered with our city to worship Jesus at Baylor’s McLane Stadium, and it was powerful! We were led in worship by leaders from local churches and a 1,000 voice choir. Spiritual leaders from around Waco led us in praying for our city, and singer, Anthony Evans, led us in a song as well. Miles McPherson, former NFL football player and pastor of The Rock Church in San Diego, shared to wrap up the evening. Many were stirred to respond to Jesus, and we are so encouraged by the way God is moving in our city!


A special thanks to our photographers: Josh Lo and Jordan Brown.

The Culture of Heaven: A Biblical Perspective on Diversity // Part 4

Today Vincent Carpenter wrapped up our Culture of Heaven series with a message on unity. Throughout the Bible we saw Jesus respond to crisis with unity. Each one of us carries the culture of Heaven within us, and we have been sanctified by God to be in the middle of crisis and bring unity. Check out some of our takeaways from today’s message:

  • “If we will be present with one another, God can use us.”
  • “The culture of Heaven starts with the person of Jesus.”
  • “When Jesus and His mission are clear in our hearts, everything else can fall into place.”
  • “Jesus simply responds to crisis with unity.”
  • “We create unity in our culture when we give everything we have.”
  • “When we give our life, we find life.”
  • “We have been set apart for a divine purpose.”
  • “God wants His people to be right in the middle of crisis.”
  • “When we pray, Heaven touches earth.”
  • “When we are unified, God is glorified.”
  • “The culture of Heaven is not an idea or a sermon series, it’s a present reality.”
  • “We carry the culture of Heaven.”
  • “God has called us all to be bridge builders.”


  • As we continue to move forward, we encourage you to find ways to create unity in your sphere of influence. Whether it’s befriending your neighbor or talking to a new co-worker for the first time, we believe that when we step out and create unity, the culture of Heaven comes to earth.
  • You are invited to join us for Come Together. Come Together is an opportunity for members of Antioch and the Waco community to meet in small groups and share our hearts on the topic of racial unity in our community. You will be placed in a racially diverse group of about 6-10 people that will meet in a home in Waco on April 10th, 17th and 24th. On Monday, May 1st all the small groups will gather in the Auditorium at 6:30 p.m. to celebrate the progress that has been achieved through these groups. Learn more and sign up to join a group here.
  • God is moving in our Spanish ministry and we encourage you to be a part! The Spanish service meets at 5 p.m. on Sunday evenings. All of the sermons are translated in to English. Learn more about our Spanish Ministry here.