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Volunteer Spotlight //
Sarah and Thomas

Sarah is a wife and stay-at-home mom of four. She and her husband have lived in Waco for 17 years, and her family has been part of Antioch for the past seven years. Her son, Thomas was born in Waco and is 12 years old. He attends Valor Preparatory Academy, enjoys playing sports and is a part of our Youth Ministry.

Sarah and Thomas serve in Guest Ministries on Sunday mornings together.


Why did you decide to volunteer with Guest Ministries?

This summer I wanted to find a way to serve with Thomas on a Sunday mornings, and Guest Ministries gave us the perfect opportunity. It has been fun to have mother and son time together serving at church!

What is your vision for serving with Guest Ministries?

For years we have appreciated how welcoming the Guest Ministries volunteers are and how ready they are to serve and greet you. So many people consider Antioch to be a welcoming place, and that starts when you first walk up to the church. Whether someone has attended for years or they are a first-time visitor, we want to welcome others as we have felt welcomed all through the years. Our church has grown so much, and it’s important to keep things as personable as possible.

Do you have a testimony to share about your time serving?

When my children were little it always meant a lot to have someone there to smile and open a door. It’s so much fun to see all the young families of today and I love that Thomas is able to look for ways to help others, whether it’s a friendly greeting or opening the door for someone.

If you are interested in joining our Guest Ministries team, click here! We’d love for you to be a part. 

Volunteer Sunday

We declared today volunteer Sunday because our volunteers are so worth honoring! Our church could not function without the men and women who carry the vision in their hearts, and give their all to see the Kingdom come in the lives of those around them.

From Lifegroup leaders to Guest Ministries ushers and STARS mentors, we are so thankful for our volunteers! They create an atmosphere of kindness and love, and pave the way for transformation.

This fall, we invite you to jump in with one of our volunteer teams. Why?


This morning, Carl read out of  Matthew 8, where we find Jesus going to Peter’s house after preaching the sermon on the mount and healing the leper and the centurion’s servant. As He enters, He sees Peter’s mother-in-law sick with a fever. Jesus touches her and she is healed. Immediately after Scripture says, “she arose, and ministered unto them” (Matthew 8:15). She is healed and immediately begins serving.


When we are healed, we then have the opportunity to be a healer. Serving is more than just filling a role, it is stepping in and being a healer for someone else. So, that’s what we’re inviting you into because when we serve, we embody the DNA of Jesus.


  • Ask yourself where you have been healed. How can you use that healing to be a healer for someone else?
  • To learn more about our volunteer opportunities and to jump in, fill out this form.

We can’t wait for you to be a part of one of our awesome volunteer teams!

Volunteer Spotlight –
Jordan Brown

Jordan is 22 years-old and works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Originally from California, he moved to Waco almost two years ago after getting connected to the Antioch Movement through ENGAGE THE CRISIS. Jordan moved to be a part of the Antioch Discipleship School, and has since jumped in with our college ministry and serves as a photographer on our media team!


Why did you decide to volunteer with the media team?

I’ve always loved being creative, so it just made sense to use my gifts in a way that would bless the church. I also knew a couple of people on the media team who I looked up to, so I wanted to learn from them and see the way they did things.

What is your vision for serving?

It’s no doubt that our society as a whole has become more and more visual and uses media in a variety of different ways. My vision in serving the church through media is to capture the experiences of our church and to display them to the world around us, showing them what the Kingdom of God is like. It’s a window for people to look through to see for themselves our community and culture. Then they can decide if they want to come in the house. And for people already in the house, it’s a way to recall and remember the faithfulness of God. The thing that gives me life is simply capturing the different ways God is moving in our church. Because that’s what He does, He brings breakthrough and celebrating that breakthrough is who we are. Antioch is a moving and breathing church. It’s really an honor to be a photographer of what God is doing through this body of believers.

Do you have a testimony to share from your time serving?

Really, every photo is a testimony. One specifically that I’m reminded of is our most recent baptism bash, I was pretty much just documenting the whole experience. But for friends and families of people who actually got baptized the event holds so much meaning. It’s a declaration of their life being transformed, so to be able to capture that and give those photos to the families is an honor. To give parents photos of their young kids declaring faith in Jesus will never get old. Ultimately the photos are mementos of God’s faithfulness. A testimony.

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

There are many ways to view media and the church; Does it have a place in the church? What’s the purpose? How can we create an impact using media? Does it build up the church? Is it necessary? Why isn’t there more of it in the church? How can we use it to honor God and people?
As with all things, to worship God it must be done in Spirit and truth. No matter what. So when you create, allow yourself to be inspired by the Spirit and centered on truth found in the Bible, and let’s worship Him with our talents!

If you are interested in being a part of the media team, or in another area of the church, fill out this form

Volunteer Spotlight –
Lisa Zgarba

Lisa lives in a small town outside of Waco with her four children and her husband. She homeschools two of her children, and she is usually on-the-go between baseball, softball and dance lessons. On Sunday mornings, you can find Lisa taking care of our little ones in the babies’ classroom.

Find out why Lisa enjoys serving with our Kids Ministry –

Why did you decide to start volunteering?

I have always had a heart for children. I enjoy being around children, watching them grow and being a part of their journey. I have also seen firsthand what an impact the ministry mentors have made in the lives of my own children as they have attended Kids Ministry through the years. Each of the mentors are such a blessing, and as a parent, I am very thankful for them. I wanted the opportunity to serve alongside them and give back what I have been given.

How have you personally grown through your experience serving?

Being primarily with babies, has challenged me to have faith no matter what. Babies fully rely on us to care for them: whether they’re hungry, need a diaper changed or just want to play and learn. In the same way, our Heavenly Father is always there to fulfill our needs.

Do you have a testimony to share from your time serving?

When the children go into the one-and two-year-old classrooms across the hall, it is fun to see how much they have grown since being in our classroom. The first time I saw one of the little ones that started in the baby room with me, their parents and I smiled and waved to each other as the little one looked at me questionably until I said hi and their name. The look in their eyes changed and they smiled. It was a reminder to me that they hear our voices while we are praying, speaking and singing over them as babies.

Is there anything you want to share with people who are thinking about volunteering in Kids Ministry?

If the Lord puts it on your heart to join Kids Ministry, just jump in and let Him guide you. Whether you have children or not, it is an awesome experience. Every day is new and exciting with them and it is so much fun to be a part of their journey.

If you are interested in volunteering with the Kids Ministry, or in another area of our church, fill out this form. We can’t wait for you to get connected!

Volunteer Spotlight –
Fadi Salem

Fadi is a sophomore studying corporate communications at Baylor. He has grown up in Waco, but he and his family are originally from Lebanon. In addition to going to school, Fadi works at a local high school and is involved with our College Ministry. He also volunteers with our Media Team as a photographer.

Fadi recently shared with us why he enjoys serving with the Media Team. Check it out –

Why did you decide to start volunteering?

I’ve had a passion for photography since sixth grade. When the opportunity came to serve with the church, I ran for it. I enjoy having the opportunity to press pause and capture those moments when God is moving.

How have you personally grown through your experience serving?

Volunteering with the Media Team has given me fresh perspective. I’ve had the opportunity to build community and learn from some great photographers here at the church. They have really inspired me to continue to get better with photography and digital media.

Do you have a testimony to share from your time serving?

I was a volunteer photographer while I was on AWAKEN, our College Ministry’s Spring Break mission trip, and it was an experience I continue to hold on to.  It was incredibly powerful to capture authentic worship and prayer in a community that was being brought back to life by the presence of God. Having the ability to save those moments where faith seems to stand still will always blow my mind.

Is there anything you want to share with people who are thinking about volunteering with the Media Team?

It’s an awesome opportunity to use your unique talents within the church. You also have the opportunity to learn, find community and grow deeply. If you’re thinking about it, you should definitely do it!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Media Team, or in another area of our church, fill out this form. We can’t wait for you to get connected!

Volunteer Spotlight –
Aaron Peach

Aaron grew up in Waco, and works in an administrative position at Campus Realtors. He and his wife have two boys and a baby girl on the way. He has been a part of Antioch for about 15 years, and served with church plants in Boston, Phoenix and overseas. His family has been back in Waco for two years, and he serves on our AV Team on Sunday mornings.

Aaron recently shared with us what he enjoys about serving! Check it out –

What is your role on the AV Team?

I serve as the graphics operator on Sunday mornings. If any words appear on the screen or any videos play, the graphics person is the one who made it happen! There is a room adjacent to the Auditorium where the graphics operator and video director sit. I use two computers simultaneously to display the graphics between the three screens.

Why did you decide to start volunteering?

In the Spring of 2004, I was eager for community and searched for any opportunity to serve. I went to the sound booth during a college service and asked if they needed any help. The person in charge was delighted to hear that and began to train me on the spot. Eventually I led the college production team, and ran graphics on Sunday mornings. I also had the pleasure of volunteering with Antioch Boston and Antioch Phoenix in similar roles.

How have you personally grown through your experience serving?

I enjoy being involved behind the scenes. I am not one who longs to be on stage, but serving with the production team allows me to be a part of the worship team while also being mostly invisible. Service is definitely one of my spiritual gifts, so I do find life and satisfaction in my role. The phrase, “faithful in the little, ruler over much” has been ever true for me. The Lord has allowed me to grow in leadership and training through the role as well. Even with a practical task, faithfulness and obedience is key.

Do you have a testimony to share from your time serving?

I can’t think of any specific testimonies. However, I have seen the Lord work through numerous people throughout the years who chose to say “yes” to sacrificing their time. He truly is faithful! It’s exhilarating to work behind the scenes during times when the Holy Spirit is moving in power in the service. It becomes easy in those time to truly enter in, even though my eyes are open and I am doing a specific task, there is a grace there to engage with what is happening in the service.

Is there anything you want to share with people who are thinking about volunteering with the AV Team?

Jump in! We are always looking for people who are faithful and willing to give their time. The youth, college, young adult and Sunday morning teams all have spots available. The three things a good graphics operator need are: an ability to use computers, a familiarity with the songs we play and a willingness to faithfully serve. We would love to have you on our team!

If you are interested in volunteering with the AV Team, or in another area of our church, fill out this form. We can’t wait for you to get connected!

Volunteer Spotlight –
Lynsey Castillo

Lynsey is a mom of four kids and coordinates catering for a local restaurant. She enjoys working with non-profit organizations in the community. Lynsey and her family have been a part of Antioch for about a year now, and on Sunday nights, you can find her leading a middle school Lifegroup within our Youth Ministry.


Why did you decide to volunteer with the Youth Ministry?

I initially decided to volunteer with the Youth Ministry as a Summer Camp leader. My hope was to go and help my son get more connected.

I knew I would find my place to serve at some point, and I was trying to be patient and figure out where I was being called. My normal instinct is to dive in head first but I really felt like the Lord was telling me to wait and be patient. I had previously served in the Kids Ministry, but felt like God was calling me somewhere different.  At the end of camp I knew the Youth Ministry was where I belonged. Sean and Shannon welcomed me into the ministry with open arms and were great at helping me feel at home.

How have you personally grown through your experience serving?

Leading a Lifegroup has allowed me to grow spiritually because I am challenged to hold myself more accountable for my daily time with Jesus. I can’t hold my girls accountable for something I am not doing. There is nothing better than seeing middle school students surrender their lives to Jesus, encounter God, and sow seeds that will last a lifetime. Everyone in Lifegroup encourages one another to daily spend time with Jesus and reach out to the community. I’m so encouraged by the way God has put people together to hold one another accountable and help each other in their journey

Do you have a testimony to share from your time serving?

I was able to watch my son give his life to Jesus at youth camp last summer! I have watched girls who questioned Jesus now seeking Him with new understanding of who He is and the role He plays in their life. They carry a true hunger for more of Jesus and it is amazing to see the difference in them as they choose to start their day by putting Him first.

Is there anything you want to share with people who are thinking about volunteering with the Youth Ministry?

My reason for volunteering was to help my son become involved, not realizing the fruit it would bear in me. Children of all ages are the bricks to our future church and they are completely worth building relationships with. Investing your time and heart in the lives of our youth will leave you with an overflowing joy in Jesus. So many students are hungry and looking to fill the void caused by broken relationships. It takes a village and a safe place for kids to take refuge from the world, that allows them to share their hearts and struggles. Our Youth Ministry at Antioch is doing an exceptional job at covering all of these areas. I have had the opportunity to build relationships with girls that I look forward to carrying on with them for the rest of Middle School and into High School. I have also built friendships to last a lifetime!


If you are interested in volunteering with the Youth Ministry, or in another area of the church, fill out this form.

Thank You Volunteers

My name is Carl and I have been serving as the College Pastor here at Antioch. In the college ministry, we do not call our volunteers, “volunteers.” We call them PILLARS.

Why? Thanks for asking.

Several years ago, our children’s pastor informed me our College Ministry was having next to no impact on the kids of Antioch. Shocked, I asked him to explain. He noted that looking at his volunteer numbers, he could never tell whether my students were in Waco or gone for vacation. I could not believe this! Surely his volunteer numbers took a hit when 600 college students went back home for the holidays… but in fact, they didn’t at all!

Apparently, serving had dropped off our students’ grids. Their busy schedules and the myriads of opportunities coming their way had diverted them into other options.

That was my fault.

I had been living in the tyranny of the urgent and failed to pitch a compelling vision to our students about the beauty of serving the bride of Christ in this treasure called the local church.

This was unacceptable to me. So I repented to God and to our students. I was not about to allow college students to spend four years of their lives making great memories in Waco and miss out on the privilege and calling of giving their gifts to the local church. Why?


As a response, our team brainstormed together – and thus the PILLAR idea was born. To be clear: the real problem was not that we were low on ideas for volunteerism. The problem was we were low on honor for our volunteers! We had not honored the hidden devotion and sacrifice of those upon whom Antioch’s vision was built. But that was about to change.

One typical Wednesday night, our students strolled into the church to find a not-so-typical night had been planned for them. We turned the room upside down and hung pillar banners everywhere. Then one of our pastors came out dressed in a red, full body spandex suit. Now we had their attention!

He taught everyone the new Pillar mantra, Pillar hand signs and the Pillar theme song. But then he unveiled what would soon become our college ministry’s most envied award: the Golden Hammer!

This tacky thing of beauty goes to ones who have been serving diligently, going above and beyond to be a behind-the-scenes player for the sake of someone else. The crowd goes nuts every time we pull someone onto the stage and hand them a Golden Hammer because


That’s the thing about pillars: they are strategically placed in houses and buildings in order to provide stability and support, yet they are rarely noticed.

If they were to be removed, the whole thing would come crashing down. But pillars do their job – day in and day out – in order to keep everything afloat, regardless of whether they receive a high five or a thank-you note. They just do what they do because a job needs to be done – and that is what they were made to do. Could any word or illustration better describe the volunteers in our church who selflessly give themselves week after week in order to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our city?

The truth is: this isn’t just a college thing. It’s woven into the very fabric of our entire church!

Just look around:

  • Kids Ministry volunteers
  • UnBound teams fighting human trafficking
  • Youth Ministry leaders serving teenagers
  • Lifegroup leaders forming community
  • STARS mentors reading to 3rd graders
  • Worship team members
  • Audio/Visual masterminds
  • Camera operators
  • Encounter Night servants
  • Greeters for Sunday mornings
  • Parking Lot attendants
  • Nest Ministry champions for moms
  • Prayer Shield intercessors
  • Pastoral Care for international missionaries
  • Bridge Street planners for the Young Adult service
  • Community Feast leaders serving the poor
  • World Mandate volunteers

Whether it’s passing the offering buckets or serving the precious children with special needs among us, our church is who we are because of the pillars who embody the vision and values of this family we call Antioch. As Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church, says:

“The Church that Jesus is building is not built on the talents of a few but on the sacrifices of the many. And while only a few will climb the highest mountain or shoot out of the earth’s atmosphere, those feats would not have happened without the brilliance of unsuspecting powerhouses serving behind the scenes.”


Thank you to all of you who serve behind the scenes. Who willingly lay down your lives week after week. Who carry the burdens of God’s people with or without the praise of men. Thank you for being Pillars.

As the apostle Peter said in his first letter:

“Be shepherds of God‘s flock that is under your care, watching over them – not because you were asked, but because you are willing… and when the chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the crown of glory that will never fade away!”

In other words: your Golden Hammer awaits you.

By Carl Gulley – Lead Pastor

Jesus Loves the Little Children and So Do We

When Laura and I were first married, we invested in the kids in our local neighborhood and in the church on Sunday morning. We heard a statistic that 80 percent of adults who knew Jesus came to know Him before they were 18 years old, the majority of those coming to Jesus when they were 12 and under.

We knew whatever we invested in a child’s life would bear fruit for eternity.

Whether it was working in the nursery at church, leading Bible Clubs in our front yard or raising our own kids; one thing we knew was if we wanted to impact the world we could do it by investing in kids’ lives because they were the most open to Jesus.

I remember walking into a 7/11 about five years ago and a very polite woman behind the counter spoke up and said, “Mr. Jimmy, is that you?”, and I said “Yes, my name is Jimmy. I’m so sorry I don’t remember your name.” She said, “It’s me! It’s Chante! Don’t you remember? You and Miss Laura used to pick me up at my house when I was a little kid.”

All of a sudden all of the memories came flooding back about Chante. She was full of life and also quite a challenge. Many times we had to take her home from our Bible Club because she was being disruptive. She talked about drifting in her teenage years but always thinking about Laura and me and the time we invested in her as a child. Today she’s loving Jesus, very committed to her church and raising her daughter.

When I look back at the extra effort Laura and I put in during those days to care for other people’s kids; it was probably the greatest investment we ever had in life and ministry.

To invest in children is to invest in the Kingdom of God.

So, here we are with another great opportunity at Antioch Community Church. We have anywhere from 800 to 1,000 kids on a Sunday morning. We need laborers. We need men and women who are willing to love kids one semester at a time; to care for and invest in them so they not only come to know Jesus but are mentored and discipled. When we do, we will have an opportunity to one day look back and know we invested in young people at the most important time in their lives.

Jesus loves the little children, and so do we!

Let’s invest in the next generation so our kids know they are central to God’s purpose, plan and mission for our city, our nation and the nations of the earth.

In Response:

If you are interested in jumping in and serving with our Kids Ministry, please join us this Sunday, September 4th, for a training from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m. in the Kindergarten Room (former Journey Room). Childcare and lunch will be provided. Register for the training here. If you will not be able to attend the training, but would still like to serve, fill out this form and one of our Kids Ministry staff members will connect with you.


By Jimmy Seibert, Senior Pastor

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Be a Volunteer?

I say it often and I mean it every time I say it, “We could not do the work we do without the faithful volunteers who weekly give of their time and talents.” As we get ready to train our next round of volunteers, we at Antioch Kids Ministry want to highlight one of our wonderful volunteers as a small token of our appreciation.

Vicki Focarile has been attending Antioch since 2003. Last year she had a life event that changed her world view. She had a successful career as manager of support services for Depaul until her retirement. Life was good and predictable until she had a heart attack. The convalescing period allowed her time to think and reflect on life. She realized the brevity of life and knew she wanted to give more to others and make a difference in the world around her.  She states, “I was blessed with a second chance in life and wanted to give more than I had previously.

What a blessing for Kids Ministry! She started coming into the offices twice a week to help with administrative duties. It didn’t take long for us to realize what a treasure we had in Vicki. She soon became the volunteer, Volunteer Coordinator. Her work ethic is matchless, her smile engaging and her contribution to the kids and staff is priceless.

I asked Vicki to share about her experience in serving here at Antioch Kids Ministry. As you read her words you will see reflected the servant heart of Christ. It is volunteers like Vicki that make me glad I am part of a movement that encourages serving.

We have some great opportunities for you to join our volunteer team, and I encourage you to jump in and serve with us this summer! Volunteering with our Kids Ministry is a rewarding experience, whether you work inside a classroom on Sundays or help during the week with special projects. If you are interested, please come to one of our mandatory trainings on April 3rd or 10th at 1:15 p.m. in the Journey Room. Lunch will be provided, so please register in advance so we can plan accordingly.

In Him

Thresa Lawson, Children’s Pastor

From Vicki

Over the past five years, we have invested as a body in the physical building of our church. We have labored together to build a physical location to reach out and minister to our community. Very shortly we will reap the harvest of our sacrifice and giving as we worship together in our new facility.

Likewise, we look to investing in our church spiritually. The book of Matthew shares the concept of sowing and reaping.  It is clear that the investments we make in the Kingdom will reap a harvest.  While there are so many ways you can invest in the Kingdom, we would like for you to prayerfully consider investing in our children by becoming a volunteer with the Kids Ministry.

These precious little ones are treasures that God has put in our care.  He calls us to love and pray for them as well as model kindness and compassion.  The seeds that we plant as we invest in these treasures will indeed produce a harvest.  While this harvest may not be collected in the short term, we are assured that there will be fruit in the future.