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Calling Out the Gold

“When the angel of the Lord appeared to Gideon, he said ‘The Lord is with you mighty warrior.” -Judges 6:12

Judges 6 tells us the story of Gideon, who we find in a place of defeat and hopelessness.  The Mideonites had sent the Israelites into a state of poverty and instead of experiencing their promised land of milk and honey, they were living in caves and had their crops and livestock plundered.

Confused and fearful, Gideon is threshing wheat in a winepress to keep it from the Mideonites when the angel of the Lord appears to him and says, “The Lord is with you mighty warrior.” The angel didn’t look at Gideon’s outward appearance but instead saw the gold inside of him and called it forth. This results in the once fearful Gideon rising up to be the mighty warrior God called him to be, finally delivering the Israelites from the Mideonites.

God has deposited gold inside each of us and has created us uniquely with different personalities, characteristics and strengths. It is God’s heart for the gold in us to shine out so He is glorified and His Kingdom advances on the earth.  There never has been nor ever will be another person identical to you. When we call out the gold in each other, we are actually seeing people as God has created them to be and encouraging them to be that person.  God needs us to be who He made us to be.

This is part of the prophetic known as “forth-telling,” or saying what you see and calling it out.  Life can have its challenges and sometimes we find ourselves face to face with a person who is in a situation just like Gideon, defeated and overwhelmed by his or her circumstances.  At these times we can respond just like the angel did,  not focusing on the outward appearances, but instead calling out the true gold buried underneath the surface of a person.

So today, take a minute and ask, “God give me eyes to see the gold in others and call it out.” You may be surprised at what will rise to the surface!


Written by our prophetic ministry coordinator



Kids Can Change The World!

Who says kids can’t change the world?

Last Thursday, more than 50 fifth and sixth graders did an outreach on Austin Avenue for Halloween. This is an annual event for The Quest, our kids ministry for fourth through sixth graders.

The kids shared the love of Jesus with other kids, performed puppet shows, dances and dramas, gave out candy and refreshments and had lots of fun.

It was a blast!

Who says kids can’t change the world? These kids are doing it every day!

Post-session Interview with Louie Giglio

Friday night of World Mandate 2013 was unforgettable. Such an honor to have Louie Giglio share with us out of the passion God has placed in him!

In his post-session interview with Carl Gulley, Louie shares why he is passionate about reaching 18-25 year olds during what he calls “the collegiate moment.”

You can get a recap of what Louie shared at World Mandate here.



God is Building His House

Dear Antioch Family,

I hope this letter finds you filled with the abundant grace of God.

As we communicated a couple of weeks ago, we are all living stones in the house of God (1 Peter 2:4-6). When each one of us is rightly fitted into God’s purpose and plan for our lives, we become a beautiful display of His glory in the earth. When God gives us opportunities like building this campus, everyone is needed and part of the team. It is so important that we all do our part.

Last Sunday, we asked everyone to fill out a commitment card, and we had 227 households turn one in. We want to give you another opportunity to respond. If you haven’t had the chance, I encourage you to take some time and ask God what your part is to play in the building process and fill out this online commitment card. We are asking everyone to turn a card in and let us know what you plan to give – whether that commitment is weekly, monthly, yearly or as you’re able. Please turn in a card even if you turned one in two years ago when we began this journey. Knowing your commitment will help us tremendously in the planning and building process. Again, it’s not just the dollar amount, but it’s the coming together around this commitment to see this journey come to pass that will give us not only faith, but the clarity needed to move forward.

In His Strength and Love,

Jimmy Seibert

Senior Pastor

Post-session Interview with Christine Caine

Christine Caine blew our Sunday morning out of the water!

And we think she loved being with us too! Immediately after her session, Carl Gulley sat down with Christine to ask her a few questions. She is passionate about the House of God and wants you to be, too! And perhaps her daughter Sophia makes another hysterical appearance.

You can get a recap of Christine’s incredible message here.

World Mandate – Session One Recap

Such a great way to start the World Mandate weekend! From the Holly Tucker vs. Britt Knighton hymn battle to the powerful truths of Louie Giglio’s teaching, it was a power-packed night.

Jesus is in the business of interrupting funerals.

He interrupted the funeral of a boy in Luke 7, He interrupted His own funeral by rising from the dead and He wants to interrupt your funeral. In the places you’re experiencing death in your life, He’s not afraid to step into your mess, to touch your coffin and to do what no one else can do. When Jesus raised the boy from the dead,

They all realized they were in a place of holy mystery, that God was at work among them. They were quietly worshipful—and then noisily grateful, calling out among themselves, “God is back, looking to the needs of his people!” The news of Jesus spread all through the country. (Luke 7:16-17, The Message)

We were all dead in our sin, but God in His great mercy raised us up with Christ. We are all miracles. And GOD IS BACK!

Whether you’re spending the weekend with World Mandate or just happen upon this post, these words from Louie Giglio tonight are for you. You can step into the place of holy mystery and find this truth. God is back, and He is looking to the needs of His people. God is back, and through Jesus, He wants to interrupt the funerals in your life.


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Chris Caine is back!

Christine Caine is as fiery as ever and ready to be back at World Mandate 2013.

Christine’s love for God and passion for evangelism is contagious! We can’t wait to be blown away with the message she brings to us Sunday morning, September 22, at the Ferrell Center.

We’re believing God for revival — and so is she. Check out this short video to hear more.

*Sunday morning of World Mandate is free to the public. Make sure everyone you know who can’t make it to the entire conference is there Sunday at 10 a.m. to hear Christine!

I Will Raise

Read the story behind “I Will Raise,” one of the powerful new AntiochLIVE songs, from songwriter Johanna Six.

I was sitting at a food court in Qatar. Qatar is a ridiculously wealthy country in the Middle East where a liter of gasoline is cheaper than a liter of water. An estimated 75 to 80 percent of the population are expats from countries like the Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. My dad is a contractor there, so my family went to visit him for the holidays.

My family was ordering food while I held our place at a table. I caught the gaze of a man clearing tables. If this were America, people would be clearing their own tables. I didn’t see any joy in his eyes – no light, no life – just deep sadness and desperation.

This was one of those life-altering moments, where time seems to stop and you become an observer to the world around you. I looked around, and I saw the same despondent expression in most of the people around me. I fought the urge to cry. I asked God, “What is it about this situation that is affecting me so deeply?” In that moment, I realized it was because I was a free woman sitting amongst slaves.

There’s nothing like seeing bondage to make you aware of your own freedom.

I am free because I’m an American and have privileges that many of these people will never experience, but I’m also free from darkness and death. I have an inheritance and am a co-heir with Christ, and my Father is the Creator of the universe. After remembering these things, I was filled thankfulness and wanted to burst out in joyful song.

Instead, I immediately pulled out my phone and began typing, “I will raise my hands to heaven / These wrists once bound now chains are broken / You set us free to be your children / Now we will be with You forever.” I wrote the words “Now we will be,” but each time I sang it, it came out as, “Now we will reign with You forever.”

It felt a little uncomfortable to write that down. I knew the statement was biblical. If I declared that, put it in writing and sang it, it would imply that I accepted my status as an adopted child of the King. That truth about God is sometimes hard for me to accept. It seems too good to be true. But God isn’t too good to be true – He’s just good.

I’ve made it a habit to declare truths that I have a hard time believing, and they usually come out in song. That’s always been a goal of mine: to declare the truth and character of God in song so that it gets deep inside me. I think all of us as songwriters on the album understand the power of music and seek to embed truth and the word of God in our songs, especially for what it seems God is doing right now in our movement.

This year, the constant theme “Our God Comes” runs through our entire album. We have several songs by different songwriters that say that in different ways. No matter how we say or sing it, the truth doesn’t get old.

By Johanna Six

Louie Giglio at World Mandate!

Louie Giglio is pumped to be back in Waco for World Mandate 2013!

In the early 90s, Louie and his wife, Shelley, started a weekly Bible study at Baylor University. After a few years, more than 10 percent of the student body was attending each week. He now leads tens of thousands of college students every year through the Passion Conferences!

We are so honored to have him back in Waco to speak at World Mandate. And he’s excited about it, too!

Find out who Louie thinks World Mandate is for by watching this video.

Get Connected

Gary and Sandra, who lead a Lifegroup at Antioch, met Gus and Claire at church. The leaders invited these new acquaintances to their Lifegroup, simply out of a desire to see others experience community as they do. Little did Gary and Sandra know that this new couple would become some of their closest friends.

Jonathan and Amy, who led an Antioch Lifegroup and served as trainers for Lifegroup leaders, felt God was calling them to plant a church in the United States. They eventually developed a team and planted a church that is currently thriving and reaching many college students in a Chicago suburb. Almost the entire original church planting team was made up of people from the section of Lifegroups that Jonathan and Amy trained and led.

Brenda said her Liferoup has walked her through some of the most difficult times in her life. Brenda said the members of her Lifegroup are just as much her family as her biological relatives.

Matt first saw Abbey at Lifegroup. Abbey shared a struggle she was having, and Matt remembers thinking that someone from the Lifegroup should come alongside Abbey and be a support to her. Matt shared that he felt the Lord challenged him to help his fellow Lifegroup member sometimes. Matt now helps Abbey full-time as her husband.

All these meaningful relationships have one thing in common – Lifegroup.

Lifegroup is a place where people can experience community and discipleship in a life-changing way. You might not develop a significant relationship with every person you meet at Lifegroup, but every person you met in Lifegroup has the potential to impact your relationship with God through opportunities for fellowship, service and discipleship.

This is why we want every person in our church to join a Lifegroup. Everyone not in a Lifegroup is invited to Connect, this Thursday, August 29th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the church auditorium. Everyone in attendance will have the opportunity to meet Lifegroup leaders, get information about numerous Lifegroup and even select one to attend. A light dinner will be served and childcare will also be provided kids, birth through sixth grade. We have an easy registration form to fill out if plan on attending. At Connect we will also be starting new Lifegroups, so if you have some experience with small groups, please complete the application and a Lifegroup pastor will contact you to begin this process. All kinds of relationships will be started at Connect. We hope to see you there.