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Week{end} in Pictures

What an incredible weekend! Here’s a run down of all that we did:

  • The Waco Loves West community outreach had more than 150 volunteers who helped with yard work, basic carpentry and plumbing, moving and cleaning. Watch this story about the day from KWTX.
  • Jimmy had a book signing at Mardel. Lots of people came out in support of him and his new book, Passion & Purpose.
  • On Sunday we celebrated new life with our Baby Dedication and Baptism Bash.  Eighty-five people were baptized! Watch this video to see some of the incredible stories of transformation. You will be blown away at how God’s love can impact a life!
  • Christianity Today listed Passion & Purpose in their June issue’s “New and Noteworthy” section.
  • The Waco Trib wrote a great article about some of the new things going on at Antioch.

It was such a memorable weekend!


Team work at its best!

Serving people in West, Texas in really practical ways like clean up and moving.

Some of the professional landscapers who helped.

Praying for the Blankenships at our Sunday church service as they head out to the LA area to plant a church.

Jimmy speaking a blessing over the babies and families at our Baby Dedication.

“There He was. There was Jesus. I’d been away from Him for 73 years and He was waiting for me to come back.”

Praying over a sweet little girl who was just baptized.

So much joy and life!

Raised to walk in newness of life!

So many sweet little ones making a decision to live for Jesus forever.

Our Spanish service, Antioch Español, held a baptism service as well!

Passion and Purpose is one of Christian Today’s “New and Noteworthy” books in their June issue:

The Waco Trib wrote a great article about some of the things going on at Antioch:

Waco Loves West

When I started working in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake, my first naive impression, like that of many others, was that a little would go a long way in a fast way; if we all would just put our stuff, money, head and hands together we could get the rubble cleaned up in no time at all.

What I learned in the last four years of working there though is a little does go a long way – but over a long period of time.

The initial waves of aid and interest eventually disappear, but some people keep showing up with support and encouragement over the months and years – and when they do it’s like a shot in the arm.  Just when the mountain seems insurmountable a hand reaches out with a voice that says, “I’m here to help.”

When the fertilizer plant exploded in West, Texas last year tons of aid rushed in – people, resources and money.  As time has gone on, the community has regained strength and the strangers and helpers have gradually become less… things have resumed to some version of normal.   However, what hasn’t changed is that those most impacted by the explosion are still facing incredible mountains – ones that are steep and take time to climb.

April 17th marked the one year anniversary of the explosion. Many families still need a lot of help to get their houses and yards in great shape again;

the West Long Term Recovery Committee estimates there are still 68,000 hours of volunteer work needed to complete the construction projects in West.

In light of this, Antioch Community Church is hosting a community work day on May 31st to show our continued support!  This is a great way for Lifegroups, entire families and friends to come together and link arms with our neighbors who are still in great need. Come be a part of Waco Loves West and experience the power of community restoration through the church.

More info on Waco Loves West including Sign-Up

By Erika Kraus, Assistant Director of Acts of Mercy