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Salt the Earth

Salt is the world’s only edible rock, completely unlike any other food. It is one of the most stable compounds in the world – free from decay itself and powerful enough to preserve others. A little salt transforms the flavor of whatever it touches.

Salt is an essential ingredient for life. Early civilizations built around it. Revolutions and wars were fought because of it. Salt’s price once surpassed gold, a commodity so valuable ancient soldiers were paid in it, the source of the English word “salary.”

In Matthew 5:13 Jesus declared, “You are the salt of the earth.” We’re materially different than the world around us, eternally free from bondage to decay. Our new identity is the most stable substance on earth. And with it we inherit a great responsibility.

Jesus called His followers to transform whatever they touched. We’re commissioned to flavor the earth. Salt is small, insignificant based on external appearance. But this plain rock changes everything.


Jesus’ disciples carried little political clout or external significance. Were it not for a Carpenter from Nazareth, no one would ever know their names. Jesus’ church was birthed in obscurity, initially a small gathering of outcasts far from every seat of power. But salt has a different substance. It transforms whatever it touches.

Within a generation, the Church spread across the known world. The temple crumbled long ago and the power of Rome is a mere history lesson, but the Church is very much still alive, continuing to flavor the earth. Every other movement in history pales compared to the impact of the followers of Jesus. Modern education, civil rights, government, medicine and morals all find their origin in the teachings of the Savior.


Despite salt’s importance, too much of it in one place creates a problem – physiologically and spiritually. Today, the salt of the earth is often clumped together while vast places remain untouched by its transformative power. One thousand and five hundred ethnic groups live without any access to the Gospel. Billions of people have never heard the message of Jesus. We are the salt of the earth, and we still have a job to do.

Jesus’ warning to us, “if salt loses its saltiness,” is an absurdity. Salt’s saltiness is its essence. And the same is true for us, our very essence is the Spirit within us. Conforming to the world is the equivalent of salt seeking to reduce its flavor. Jesus commissioned us as change agents, but that which looks exactly like the world will never change the world.

Our generation has a choice to make: Do we care more about fitting into the world than we do about transforming the world? We cannot do both. Will we remain salty? We will spread our flavor across the earth, bringing with it the life and wholeness of Jesus?

This is our identity. Let’s commit to never lose it and let’s commit to do our part in His mission.


 1. Where do most feel the tug of conforming to the world around you?

 2. What is God leading you to do in order to maintain your saltiness?

 3. Where has God led you to bring the flavor of the Gospel in the world around you? What step can you take to impact the places no one has yet brought His message?

By Drew Steadman- Adult Pastor

World Mandate 2018 Testimonies

It has been a couple of weeks since World Mandate 2018, but we’re still amazed at all God did! People encountered God like never before, and our faith was stirred time and time again by the worship and teachings. Check out some testimonies from some of our sites of the way God moved throughout the weekend:


  • “God used World Mandate to bring breakthrough in my life! I experienced freedom from decades of emotional trauma I had previously experienced.”


  • “In Raleigh, God used World Mandate to lead people to fresh encounters. I am convinced my worship will never be the same after this conference.”
  • “I was experiencing back and leg pain. A few people gathered around and prayed for me, and the pain went away completely!”


  • “God used World Mandate to ignite fresh passion for the nations in Orlando! Through existing ministry connections, we are planning a mission trip to Sweden this upcoming summer. After we announced the trip and shared vision 120 people immediately signed up to go.”
  • “I was born in Brazil and then my family moved to the U.S. when I was four-years old. We have been in a waiting game for citizenship with immigration for more than 20 years. By God’s grace, we fit in to a certain law that allows us to work and go to school lawfully. Prior to this, we suffered constant humiliation and discrimination for not having documents. Sport teammates would literally run from me after practice so they wouldn’t have to give me a ride home. I didn’t realize I still had deep roots of inferiority and pain from this until JT Thomas spoke and prayed for reconciliation. I felt the Holy Spirit bring to light all of my prior experiences that caused soul piercing rejections. Jesus met me there and took all of my grief. I was redeemed by Jesus and was reminded that I am a citizen in His Kingdom.”

WACO // 

  • “Here in Waco, God reached the nations! I met an Iranian man who found himself at World Mandate 10 days after giving his life to Jesus. He spent most of the day Saturday in our prayer room and is now connected with other believers who are helping him learn more about what it looks like to follow Jesus.”

These are just a few stories from the weekend, and we know there are countless more! We are believing World Mandate was only the beginning, and God is going to continue to move in each of our lives.

World Mandate 2018 Setlist

Have you wanted to listen to the songs we sang at World Mandate again? You can!


  • Tremble – Mosaic MSC
  • How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin
  • Wildfire – AntiochLIVE (Unreleased)*
  • Lion and the Lamb – Bethel Music
  • Light – AntiochLIVE
  • Unchanging – AntiochLIVE
  • Almighty One – AntiochLIVE (Unreleased)*
  • Came to My Rescue – Hillsong Worship
  • Arms of My Father – AntiochLIVE
  • All In All – AntiochLIVE
  • Reckless Love – Cory Asbury
  • Glorious Day – Passion
  • God of the Breakthrough – AntiochLIVE (Unreleased)*
  • Cornerstone – Hillsong Worship
  • Surrounded (Fight My Battles) – Upper Room Music
  • Yes Lord – Antioch College Worship
  • Jesus I Come – Elevation Worship
  • I Will Raise – AntiochLIVE
  • Build My Life – Housefires
  • Jireh – AntiochLIVE*
  • History’s Anthem – AntiochLIVE
  • So Will I (100 Billion X) – Hillsong United
  • To You Be the Glory – AntiochLIVE
  • Miracles – Jesus Culture
  • No Longer Slaves – Bethel Music ft. Jonathan David and Melissa Helser
  • Spirit Break Out – Worship Central

Also, check out this playlist to find all of the songs in one place!

*denotes that the song is not available on Spotify and not on the playlist.

Living Out World Mandate

Sometimes it feels like so much happens during World Mandate weekend that it can be hard to keep track of it all, process it and develop practical steps to respond. So much wisdom and revelation is being declared through the speakers, hearts and lives are being shaped during ministry time and the Spirit of God is speaking individually to people. In the midst of everything going on, everything that God is pouring out in that short weekend, how can we be good stewards? How can we hold onto all that God has done in us so it is not just a weekend experience but life-long transformation?

This is a question that I have asked myself after every World Mandate. I first started going to the conference in 2008 when I was thirteen, and each year I have walked away more in love with Jesus and envisioned to pray, give and go. But how can we cultivate that to last so we are not living FOR World Mandate but living it OUT all year long?


1.WRITE IT DOWN // This one is so simple and practical that it is easy to overlook. However, it is still just as important. Whether or not you would say that you like to journal, write down what God has spoken to you at World Mandate. Not only does it help you to remember what God has done in you because you are able to look back and read it, but when doubts may come your way it can act as a lifeline to remind you of the promises God has spoken.

2. TELL COMMUNITY: CELEBRATE and ACCOUNTABILITY // “Let them give thanks to the Lord for His unfailing love and His wonderful deeds for mankind, for He satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” Psalm 107:8

We are not only made for community but we are also made to celebrate and have accountability with our community. Share with your community what God did in your life during World Mandate. Celebrate your victories with them and in places where you need to grow or follow through, invite them to hold you accountable.

3. RELEASE IT TO GOD // Even if there are things that you forget from World Mandate, God sees all and does not forget. The fulfillment of God’s promises to us does not depend on us being able to remember everything He has spoken. We can fully trust and release those promises to God.

“But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him.” Jeremiah 17:7

World Mandate is a life-changing weekend that catalyzes people into the love of Jesus and the calling He has upon their lives. Let’s take the time to steward what has been spoken and what God has been doing so that we can look back on this World Mandate and not just see an incredible weekend but life transformation.

By Olivia Andrade

World Mandate 2018 Photo Recap

World Mandate 2018 is in the books and it was incredible! We connected across 14 cities to worship God and get envisioned for His mission and His people. Check out some of our favorite moments from the weekend:
















Session 1 // Francis Chan

Session 2 // Jim Yost

Session 3 // Jessica Honegger

Session 4 // JT Thomas

WORLD MANDATE Sunday // Becoming a One Thing Person

This morning All Peoples Church Pastor Robert Herber shared a message on laying everything at the feet of Jesus. We aren’t called to compete or to be perfect, we are called to give whatever we have. When we live a life of abandoned worship, we bring the presence of heaven everywhere we go.


  • We should never get comfortable in our Christian lives.
  • We all need a hero. We all need someone to model our lives after.
  • In the midst of wanting to do something for God, we can get distracted from the very One we came to serve.
  • All of our doing has to come out of our being.
  • It’s amazing how God meets with you when you go on mission with Him.
  • The brokenness of one will lead to the blessing of many.
  • Don’t ever underestimate your act of fully abandoned worship.
  • When you pour out your life, your sphere is filled with the fragrance of heaven.
  • Just because you pour out your life on Jesus doesn’t mean everyone is going to be happy about it.
  • God isn’t asking you to compete with other people, He’s asking you, “Did you do what you could?”
  • The only fitting response to the Gospel is to say, “Jesus, I’ll give you everything.”
  • Your true calling is knowing Jesus.

By Robert Herber – All Peoples Church Lead Pastor

WORLD MANDATE 2018 // Session Four Recap

Tonight JT Thomas wrapped up World Mandate with a powerful message on who we are as the people of God. We are called to proclaim the glory of God, be reconcilers and make a way for the next generation.


  • Discontentment and anger is unsustainable.
  • We want to be the ones who help the nations receive their inheritance with us.
  • God’s holy intention is to dwell with us.
  • Mission exists because worship doesn’t.
  • My people group changed when I passed through the blood of Jesus.
  • You have to find yourself in the storyline of God.
  • We need a spirit of discernment between the word of God and the opinion of man.
  • Are you going to move at the sound of pop culture, or are you going to move at the sound of the voice from Heaven?
  • We have to be messengers that can help men reconcile their hearts and their histories to God.
  • With everything God does in the earth, He’s telling a story of an eternal reality.
  • Jesus enters in beyond the pain of human history.
  • The substance of the throne He sits on is the very worship of His people.
  • The Gospel is a proclamation about the coming of a monarch.
  • The solution to the racial and tribal conflict of today is for us to return to the basic foundation of what happened when Jesus died on the cross.
  • You are not saying, “yes” for you to get a trophy, but for your children to get a trophy.

WORLD MANDATE // Session Three Recap

During session three, we heard from Jessica Honegger as she shared her story of walking out in obedience to Jesus. Obedience doesn’t have one specific formula, Jesus calls us into different spheres to glorify Him.


  • You hear from so many speakers at World Mandate, but what really sticks with you is what God speaks to you.
  • God sees you. God has given you permission, so stop waiting for your commission. God believes in you, and that is enough.
  • God told me, “Jessica, you don’t have to die to the way that I made you in order to live a surrendered life. In fact, quit dying to your dreams because actually perhaps I am the One who put those dreams in your heart. Quit comparing yourself to other people. Quit plastering someone else’s path on yours.”
  • God doesn’t waste anything.
  • Obedience is not one straight path.
  • Can we follow so closely behind Jesus that we are actually tripping on His heels? 
  • Courage is being able to stand up and just go scared and walk through our fears.
  • When we are operating in faith, that is where the fun is, and that’s where the joy is. God actually wants us to enjoy this life that He’s given us.
  • I want to strive to experience what it is to be known by God.
  • Don’t despise the small things, you have to start somewhere.
  • Once I realized that Jesus holds the outcome no matter what, I was able to walk in a lot more freedom.
  • God asks us to come alongside him, as his co-laborers, to cultivate and to develop this earth because someday we’re going to end up in this city that glorifies him completely.
  • We can reconcile people to creation; we can be redeemers of culture, and be redeemers in our places of work.
  • There are all spheres of life where we get to be God’s gardeners.
  • Surrender is not dying to the fingerprint of God on your life. Surrender is just simply letting go and saying, “My life is Yours.”
  • Be willing to go into a place that might be unchartered territory and do that with confidence as long as you are following along the heels of Jesus.

WORLD MANDATE 2018 // Session Two Recap

This morning Jim Yost shared a message on the need for a movement and for us to go. There is a world of broken people who need to know Jesus, and our compassion and actions have the power to reflect the character of God.


  • A movement is not an event; events are easy, movements are hard.
  • The purpose of all Bible study is to enter into the Bible story.
  • People want and need hope.
  • If you’re like Jesus, sinners and broken people are going to be attracted to you.
  • When you see the news, look behind the news because God is on the move.
  • You can’t separate sacred and secular, it’s all one
  • Jesus is not all we need until He is all we’ve got.
  • Danger is normal.
  • Give up the right to safety and security for the sake of bringing people to Jesus.
  • It’s not about your likes or dislikes, and it’s not about your abilities or inabilities, it’s about your obedience to God.
  • All social problems come back to a broken image of God.
  • Discipleship is not a method or a sermon, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind, and be on mission with Jesus
  • Our love and help reflects the character of God
  • Love in action is going to change the world.

WORLD MANDATE 2018 // Session One Recap

Francis Chan kicked off night one of World Mandate, and it was powerful! He shared a message out of Ephesians 1:15-22, and encouraged us to allow the eyes of our heart to be opened to the love, mercy and power of God.


  • God, could you use me to paint a glorious picture of You?
  • If I really knew the hope to which I was called, all the things of the earth would look stupid to me.
  • God can’t wait to inherit us. Do you believe that?
  • Every other insecurity goes away because you are loved by the God of the universe, and you know it deep within.
  • The Scriptures always over power your thoughts.
  • When we have degrading thoughts about ourselves, we aren’t being humble, we’re disbelieving.
  • ‘God wants me,’ Do you believe that about yourself?
  • “I did not become a cleaner version of myself. I became the righteousness of God.”
  • If you’re going to go and make disciples and you’re not secure in His love, then you’re going to multiply insecurity.
  • You think you’re limited because your mind is limited.
  • The power that raised Jesus from the dead and lifted Him up above everything else is the power that is exerted toward you.