2017 has been an incredible year for the Antioch Movement! Our churches are growing, lives are being transformed and cities are being impacted. It has been so encouraging to see what God is doing around this nation, here are just a few testimonies:


There is a girl in one of our Lifegroups who has considered herself a Universalist since college. She is a young mom and she and her husband have found a lot of life by being in community, but she still had walls up toward God. She had a rough family background, and that played a part in her skewed view of God and herself. As she began being discipled, walls started to come down and things started clicking. On Halloween, she called and said, “I finally understand that God loves me, He died for me and He is good!” There is still a lot of healing that needs to happen, but she has given her life to Jesus, was baptized and is continuing to learn more about God.

A woman from China showed up at church one Sunday, and a family invited her to Lifegroup. As they were doing a Discovery Bible Study, they noticed how she just kept reading verses and flipping through pages. The family soon realized this woman had never been allowed to have or read a Bible in China. The Lifegroup leader shared the Gospel with her and invited her back the next week. We’re excited to see how the rest of the story unfolds, and it was amazing to see her excitement as she read the Word of God for the first time.


This past summer, a college Lifegroup took an international trip and while there, Josh got a big heart for international students. He started offering rides to international students to go to the grocery store and built relationship with one student named Sham. Since being in America, Sham has struggled with depression. Josh shared the Gospel with Sham and brought him to Lifegroup where he gave his life to Jesus. He has since experienced freedom from depression and anxiety. Go God!


Last month, a freshman from TCU was struggling with suicidal thoughts and attended one of our services. During the service he felt the love and presence of God like never before, and gave his life to Christ. He is continuing to be transformed and is getting baptized this week!


This past year, Mosaic Community Church in Seattle raised more than $1 million to purchase a building in a strategic location in the city. They are now working together as a church to renovate the space and make it their own. Check out their new space, and consider partnering with them financially to see their building project finished.