Summer is one of my favorite times of the year. It doesn’t get much better than summer nights with friends and snow cones; even if you’re not into snow cones, which I totally don’t understand. What is there not to love?! It’s ice & sugar. And here in the 100° days of Texas, ice and sugar is equivalent to the nectar of heaven.

But seriously, summer is a blast. Swimming. Vacation. Family. And for college students, more free time and opportunities than you probably get in the other nine months of the year combined. That is why summer isn’t just fun – it can be the most catalytic time of year or the most crushing. The funny thing about summer is that it’s a pivotal break – a time where we can rest and refuel. And yet the summer “break” can be deceptive. All those options you were excited about can actually be your undoing. The truth is, in order to maximize your summer break, you need a plan.

Now that might be one of the craziest things you have ever read. “In order to rest, I have to have a plan? I thought rest WAS the plan… Sleep till noon, eat bonbons all day and just chill.”

Living things don’t just chill; they are either progressing or regressing.

My heart for us this summer is that we would heed the words of Jesus in Mark 4 where He tells a story about soil. Now I’ve gotta be honest; I can’t say I know a ton about soil. The only jungle I’m about is the concrete one. I do the great indoors. But all that changed recently when our college staff spent some time with a farmer. And here’s what we learned:

Good soil doesn’t just happen. Good soil has to be cultivated.

Jesus gives us a clear picture in Mark 4 of a heart moving forward. A heart I believe we must have in order for these final weeks of summer to rock us and not crush us. It’s now July and it’s time for a re-up. Watch this video we made about “the parable of all parables,” and after it’s over, ask yourself what will make your summer a win. Let’s be good soil. I believe in you.

By Jady Griffin, Associate College Pastor