For some the transition from the college life to the young adult world might be anticipated and for others, it might be dreaded. Wherever you land on the spectrum of excitement or fear, we want to do all that we can to prepare and equip you to make the transition with ease! Below are three ways you can peacefully evolve from a college student into a young adult:

1. Stay Plugged In! The past four years, you have probably built amazing relationships through church, Lifegroup, and in discipleship. You were created for relationships.

Your web of friendships will look and feel different in this next phase of life, but that does not excuse you from checking out of a consistent commitment to a local church, a close-knit community and life-on-life discipleship.

If you are leaving Waco, start researching churches in the city that you are moving to now so you can get knit into to a local body immediately. If you are staying in Waco, then jump wholeheartedly into the Antioch Young Adult Ministry. Follow @AntiochYA on Twitter, email the Young Adult Pastor or search for a young adult lifegroup.

2. Anticipate The Change by Maintaining Disciplines! The pace of college life is different than young adult life. To adapt to the new rhythm and structure you’ll need to maintain spiritual disciplines. Your schedule will be different, your environment will change and your relational network will shrink, but you can still stay connected to God and flourish through the transition. Plan now to spend consistent, daily time with God. Look now for opportunities to invest and serve in your new setting. The same Kingdom values you learned in college remain true for the rest of your life. You simply have to be proactive to steward those values.

3. Be an Initiator, Cultivate Character, Work on Your Work-Ethic: We did a four-week series in Dwelling Place called #BackToTheFuture. In the series, we focused on the life of Joseph and from his journey learned the importance of character, servant-hood  and surrender. As you transition from being a student into the working world, seek to be the hardest worker with the best attitude and most Christ-like character.

You are leaders and initiators and we are confident you are ready to jump, with both feet, into this next stage of life!

As a college staff we could not be more proud of the young men and women you have allowed God to make you to be. You each will thrive and flourish as you continue to say “yes” to Jesus in this next season. You are ready!

By Maddie Phenix, Associate College Pastor