Today, millions of people are victims of modern day slavery in the United States and around the world.

“When I was in jail and Unbound met with me, they helped me understand that I am a victim, they treated me as a person, they let me know that I do have value and meaning. They are a part of my family now. If I ever need anything or if I have any questions, I can go to them. Without Unbound, I wouldn’t be where I am today, just because I didn’t have that support anywhere else.” – Julia, a survivor of domestic sex trafficking. Unbound has served more than 70 Central Texas human trafficking victims since 2012.  

We believe God created mankind to live in freedom, and, as His people, we’re called to fight for that freedom for others. Unbound is Antioch’s anti-human trafficking ministry, made up of ordinary people working to unite and mobilize the Church to end human trafficking in each of our communities, our nation and the nations of the world. To do this, Unbound is working in education, rescue and aftercare, public policy and prayer.


Our staff and volunteers speak at schools, churches, organizations, universities, social clubs and other community-wide events to educate groups on human trafficking and provide resources for involvement in the anti-trafficking effort. Our Juvenile Detention Center Outreach Team shares our curriculum for at-risk youth with 10-20 youth each week. Our goal is to educate youth about sex trafficking, ways to stay safe and the value of themselves and others. Many times girls self-identify as victims of trafficking or offer valuable knowledge about trafficking in Waco during our follow-up interviews.


Our team of Waco trainers put on professional presentations for medical professionals, educators, lawyers and law enforcement to help equip them to identify and advocate for victims of human trafficking.


We advocate for victims and survivors by providing for immediate needs, offering support to caregivers, volunteering services and connecting with aftercare programs to help each survivor through his or her unique restoration process.


Unbound Waco leads the Heart of Texas Human Trafficking Coalition, a multi-agency collaboration of resources, strategy and influence aimed at making the Heart of Texas, a hostile environment to human trafficking.