Debbie and her husband Bob have three children and six grandchildren. Debbie is passionate about her grandchildren having deep relationship with Jesus, and she constantly sharing with them about how God is moving in her life. She is frequently traveling to visit her kids and grandkids, but when Debbie is in Waco, she volunteers with UnBound, our anti-trafficking ministry.


Why did you decide to volunteer with UnBound?

A few years ago at World Mandate, Christine Caine came and talked about how the reality of the sex trafficking industry prompted her to set up the A21 campaign to fight against human trafficking. Hearing this made a great impact on me, and I wanted to get involved. I learned more about UnBound and signed up to volunteer in the Juvenile Detention Center.

What is your vision for serving?

It breaks my heart to know that trafficking happens in Waco, and there are wonderful, beautiful young ladies who are not loved and nurtured in their own home. When I visit the detention center, we talk to the girls about having value, healthy relationships, pornography, sex trafficking and other topics. I find that the girls usually have a defensive barrier, but they are receptive and soak up the positive affirmation and encouragement we give them. It’s sweet because they look forward to us coming every week.

Do you have a testimony to share from your time serving?

One girl told me, “If I would have had the type of love you are talking about, I wouldn’t be here today.” Another girl said, “every time I smile I am really crying inside.” The girls just want someone to love them unconditionally, with no strings attached. In my heart I hope they see Jesus in me and are stirred to seek after Him. I pray that they find Jesus os waiting to lavish His unconditional love on them.

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