Jordan is 22 years-old and works as a freelance graphic designer and photographer. Originally from California, he moved to Waco almost two years ago after getting connected to the Antioch Movement through ENGAGE THE CRISIS. Jordan moved to be a part of the Antioch Discipleship School, and has since jumped in with our college ministry and serves as a photographer on our media team!


Why did you decide to volunteer with the media team?

I’ve always loved being creative, so it just made sense to use my gifts in a way that would bless the church. I also knew a couple of people on the media team who I looked up to, so I wanted to learn from them and see the way they did things.

What is your vision for serving?

It’s no doubt that our society as a whole has become more and more visual and uses media in a variety of different ways. My vision in serving the church through media is to capture the experiences of our church and to display them to the world around us, showing them what the Kingdom of God is like. It’s a window for people to look through to see for themselves our community and culture. Then they can decide if they want to come in the house. And for people already in the house, it’s a way to recall and remember the faithfulness of God. The thing that gives me life is simply capturing the different ways God is moving in our church. Because that’s what He does, He brings breakthrough and celebrating that breakthrough is who we are. Antioch is a moving and breathing church. It’s really an honor to be a photographer of what God is doing through this body of believers.

Do you have a testimony to share from your time serving?

Really, every photo is a testimony. One specifically that I’m reminded of is our most recent baptism bash, I was pretty much just documenting the whole experience. But for friends and families of people who actually got baptized the event holds so much meaning. It’s a declaration of their life being transformed, so to be able to capture that and give those photos to the families is an honor. To give parents photos of their young kids declaring faith in Jesus will never get old. Ultimately the photos are mementos of God’s faithfulness. A testimony.

Is there anything else you would like to share? 

There are many ways to view media and the church; Does it have a place in the church? What’s the purpose? How can we create an impact using media? Does it build up the church? Is it necessary? Why isn’t there more of it in the church? How can we use it to honor God and people?
As with all things, to worship God it must be done in Spirit and truth. No matter what. So when you create, allow yourself to be inspired by the Spirit and centered on truth found in the Bible, and let’s worship Him with our talents!

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