Today Jimmy Seibert shared a message on the significance of water baptism. By definition, baptism means to immerse completely. But it is much more than that – it is an outward declaration of an inner reality. Baptism does not determine our salvation, but it symbolizes the cleansing of our sin, and it is a key that unlocks the things of God. Being baptized is an act of obedience, and when we take steps of obedience, we have joy and power. We need the power of God in order to do the things He has set before us.

Baptism is for anyone who believes in the death and resurrection of Jesus. Baptism publicly declares that our heart intent is to fully follow Jesus. Whether someone is eight-years-old or eighty-years old, if their heart is fully given to Jesus, they can be baptized.

We are so excited to celebrate baptisms at our annual Baptism Bash on May 20th! Whether you have already been baptized or you are planning to get baptized, we encourage you to join us at either of our services.


  • Read more about the power of baptism in your time with God this week. There are around 100 verses or references to choose from throughout the New Testament. We read out of Acts 2 this morning, so you can start there.
  • Get baptized at our Baptism Bash on May 20th! If you have fully given given your life to Jesus but haven’t been baptized, we encourage you to take that next step in declaring your faith. You can sign up for our Baptism Bash here.
  • As believers, we continually need to be baptized by the Holy Spirit because we need the fresh filling of the power of God. Pray for a fresh filling today.