“Those you deem unchangeable might be on the verge of breakthrough.” – Carl Gulley //

This week lead pastor Carl Gulley continued our fall series, Whales + Worms: Our reluctance. His relentlessness. During the course of the series, we are looking at the life of Jonah and how God’s relentless pursuit led Jonah into the divine purpose God had for him. As we unpack his story together, we can see parallels in our own lives.


All throughout Jonah 3, we see how God is the God of second chances to Jonah and the people of Nineveh. God repeated His message to Jonah and forgave the Ninevites as they repented. As seen in this story and in our own lives, those who have been touched by grace are the first to give it away and sometimes we need to reflect and be reminded of the grace we have received. Whether it’s from God, a friend or a stranger, where have you received grace?


Part of what comprises grace and mercy is the fact that they are not deserved – if they could be, then it wouldn’t be grace and mercy. You are given these things as a gift and so is everyone else. This puts the responsibility on us to give away grace and mercy freely because it isn’t ours anyways. So, who are the people that you can extend grace and mercy to? What type of breakthrough would happen, especially in the lives of those we think are unchangeable? Maybe the person you are most hesitant to extend grace to is on the verge of breakthrough!


Ask God, “Lord, would you show me my Ninevites so I can show them grace and mercy?” Don’t just see the people who frustrate you and don’t just say that you will show them the same grace and mercy you have received: get specific with how you can encourage these people and shift your perspective toward them. Here at Antioch, we say that we are a people with a passion for Jesus and His purposes in the earth. This can start with us receiving and giving grace to those around us. What will that look like for you this week?

We hope to see you this next week as we continued our series!