Francis Chan kicked off night one of World Mandate, and it was powerful! He shared a message out of Ephesians 1:15-22, and encouraged us to allow the eyes of our heart to be opened to the love, mercy and power of God.


  • God, could you use me to paint a glorious picture of You?
  • If I really knew the hope to which I was called, all the things of the earth would look stupid to me.
  • God can’t wait to inherit us. Do you believe that?
  • Every other insecurity goes away because you are loved by the God of the universe, and you know it deep within.
  • The Scriptures always over power your thoughts.
  • When we have degrading thoughts about ourselves, we aren’t being humble, we’re disbelieving.
  • ‘God wants me,’ Do you believe that about yourself?
  • “I did not become a cleaner version of myself. I became the righteousness of God.”
  • If you’re going to go and make disciples and you’re not secure in His love, then you’re going to multiply insecurity.
  • You think you’re limited because your mind is limited.
  • The power that raised Jesus from the dead and lifted Him up above everything else is the power that is exerted toward you.