Tonight JT Thomas wrapped up World Mandate with a powerful message on who we are as the people of God. We are called to proclaim the glory of God, be reconcilers and make a way for the next generation.


  • Discontentment and anger is unsustainable.
  • We want to be the ones who help the nations receive their inheritance with us.
  • God’s holy intention is to dwell with us.
  • Mission exists because worship doesn’t.
  • My people group changed when I passed through the blood of Jesus.
  • You have to find yourself in the storyline of God.
  • We need a spirit of discernment between the word of God and the opinion of man.
  • Are you going to move at the sound of pop culture, or are you going to move at the sound of the voice from Heaven?
  • We have to be messengers that can help men reconcile their hearts and their histories to God.
  • With everything God does in the earth, He’s telling a story of an eternal reality.
  • Jesus enters in beyond the pain of human history.
  • The substance of the throne He sits on is the very worship of His people.
  • The Gospel is a proclamation about the coming of a monarch.
  • The solution to the racial and tribal conflict of today is for us to return to the basic foundation of what happened when Jesus died on the cross.
  • You are not saying, “yes” for you to get a trophy, but for your children to get a trophy.