This morning Jim Yost shared a message on the need for a movement and for us to go. There is a world of broken people who need to know Jesus, and our compassion and actions have the power to reflect the character of God.


  • A movement is not an event; events are easy, movements are hard.
  • The purpose of all Bible study is to enter into the Bible story.
  • People want and need hope.
  • If you’re like Jesus, sinners and broken people are going to be attracted to you.
  • When you see the news, look behind the news because God is on the move.
  • You can’t separate sacred and secular, it’s all one
  • Jesus is not all we need until He is all we’ve got.
  • Danger is normal.
  • Give up the right to safety and security for the sake of bringing people to Jesus.
  • It’s not about your likes or dislikes, and it’s not about your abilities or inabilities, it’s about your obedience to God.
  • All social problems come back to a broken image of God.
  • Discipleship is not a method or a sermon, it’s a lifestyle.
  • Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind, and be on mission with Jesus
  • Our love and help reflects the character of God
  • Love in action is going to change the world.