During session three, we heard from Jessica Honegger as she shared her story of walking out in obedience to Jesus. Obedience doesn’t have one specific formula, Jesus calls us into different spheres to glorify Him.


  • You hear from so many speakers at World Mandate, but what really sticks with you is what God speaks to you.
  • God sees you. God has given you permission, so stop waiting for your commission. God believes in you, and that is enough.
  • God told me, “Jessica, you don’t have to die to the way that I made you in order to live a surrendered life. In fact, quit dying to your dreams because actually perhaps I am the One who put those dreams in your heart. Quit comparing yourself to other people. Quit plastering someone else’s path on yours.”
  • God doesn’t waste anything.
  • Obedience is not one straight path.
  • Can we follow so closely behind Jesus that we are actually tripping on His heels? 
  • Courage is being able to stand up and just go scared and walk through our fears.
  • When we are operating in faith, that is where the fun is, and that’s where the joy is. God actually wants us to enjoy this life that He’s given us.
  • I want to strive to experience what it is to be known by God.
  • Don’t despise the small things, you have to start somewhere.
  • Once I realized that Jesus holds the outcome no matter what, I was able to walk in a lot more freedom.
  • God asks us to come alongside him, as his co-laborers, to cultivate and to develop this earth because someday we’re going to end up in this city that glorifies him completely.
  • We can reconcile people to creation; we can be redeemers of culture, and be redeemers in our places of work.
  • There are all spheres of life where we get to be God’s gardeners.
  • Surrender is not dying to the fingerprint of God on your life. Surrender is just simply letting go and saying, “My life is Yours.”
  • Be willing to go into a place that might be unchartered territory and do that with confidence as long as you are following along the heels of Jesus.