This morning All Peoples Church Pastor Robert Herber shared a message on laying everything at the feet of Jesus. We aren’t called to compete or to be perfect, we are called to give whatever we have. When we live a life of abandoned worship, we bring the presence of heaven everywhere we go.


  • We should never get comfortable in our Christian lives.
  • We all need a hero. We all need someone to model our lives after.
  • In the midst of wanting to do something for God, we can get distracted from the very One we came to serve.
  • All of our doing has to come out of our being.
  • It’s amazing how God meets with you when you go on mission with Him.
  • The brokenness of one will lead to the blessing of many.
  • Don’t ever underestimate your act of fully abandoned worship.
  • When you pour out your life, your sphere is filled with the fragrance of heaven.
  • Just because you pour out your life on Jesus doesn’t mean everyone is going to be happy about it.
  • God isn’t asking you to compete with other people, He’s asking you, “Did you do what you could?”
  • The only fitting response to the Gospel is to say, “Jesus, I’ll give you everything.”
  • Your true calling is knowing Jesus.

By Robert Herber – All Peoples Church Lead Pastor