Top 20 Ideas for a Joy-Filled Christmas

Personal: Start each day of the holidays alone with God. You can take passages like Psalm 103:1-6 and Isaiah 9:6, 7 and pray through each verse. Pause and spend time with Jesus, day by day, as you connect with the One who created you (Lord’s Prayer resource attached below). Take at least one day to…


Top 10 Things To Do for a Powerful Thanksgiving

PERSONAL: 1. Journal a list of things you’re thankful for from this past year. (One idea is to wake up early and make a list of 10 things.) 2. Ask God to speak to you about His thankfulness to you for things done in the past year. (“Lord, where are you proud of me, or…


November Church-Wide Prayer & Fast, 2023

Church-Wide Prayer & Fast Nov. 6-8, 2023 Purpose: As we close 2023, we want to end the year with three days of prayer and fasting for unity and to contend for breakthroughs in our union with God, communion with the saints and partnership in His mission. Prayer Guide: Union with God — We want to…