Discipleship is where we gather consistently in groups of two or three for intentional investment, encouragement and accountability. In discipleship, we challenge one another to grow in relationship with Jesus, walk in personal freedom and righteousness and participate in God’s mission.

Discipleship Opportunities:

Discipleship School

The purpose of the Antioch Discipleship School is to provide you the opportunity to be transformed through an intensive season of encountering God and being discipled. Throughout the school, you will deepen your walk with God, learn to walk in lifelong fruitfulness and discover your unique purpose.

Life University

Life University serves to help you internalize your faith and practically apply it to your everyday life. We teach life courses on various topics where you can join people across our campus every Monday night as we help create a foundation on which you can build your faith.

Kingdom Women Mentoring

Kingdom Women Mentoring exists at Antioch because we believe that Scripture admonishes older women to encourage, guide and teach younger women (Titus 2:4, 5). Our mentoring ministry is offered year-round, and our team works to match mentors and mentees together as requests are submitted. These groups range in size from one-on-one to a small group and typically meet for six to eight weeks. Mentors and mentees may decide to continue meeting after this set time, but this is a conversation you will have with each other and the Lord to determine the length of your commitment to walk together.

While we know there is a desire for mentors no matter your age of life, for our particular model, we ask that mentees be under 40 years of age and mentors be older than 40. Our mentors must be involved in Lifegroup and trusted members within the Antioch community.

Whether you’d like to be a mentor or mentee, please fill out our signup form at the button below.