Next Steps

Get connected to the life of our church.

1. Be Saved and Baptized

Relationship with Jesus is the foundation of all we believe at Antioch. If you are not sure you have started a relationship with Jesus, we would love to have that conversation with you. To talk with a pastor about starting a relationship with Jesus, please visit If you would like to inquire about baptism, please visit For a deeper dive into our beliefs on salvation, see our About page.

2. Be in a Lifegroup

Lifegroups are central to the life of our church, and biblically, we see that believers being connected to small group communities is essential. We want everyone at Antioch to go deeper in their relationship with God by locking arms in community with others.

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3. Be a Member

We define an Antioch member as a Jesus-follower who personally participates in the 5 Circles and commits their time and tithes to Antioch Waco. Our members' commitment to Jesus and contribution to our local body is essential to uphold the life of our church.

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4. Be Free in Jesus

"For freedom Christ has set us free" (Galatians 5:1), and our desire as a church is to facilitate environments and to equip our body with tools that enable everyone to experience and walk in the freedom Jesus purchased on the cross.

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5. Be a PILLAR

Serving is part of our calling as followers of Jesus. PILLARS are followers of Jesus who serve our church, our community and the Kingdom of God so that more people encounter God, make disciples and live on mission.

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6. Be Trained

At Antioch, we take the Great Commission seriously and want to see our church continually equipped to be disciples of Jesus who make other disciples of Jesus. Two avenues of intensive discipleship are our Life University courses and our Antioch Discipleship School.

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7. Be Sent

As a church, we want to be engaged in the mission of God in our city, nation and nations of the earth. The call for Jesus-followers to be both salt and light wherever they go is a mandate we hope to see carried out through the lives of everyone at Antioch Waco. Our commitment as a church is to provide continual opportunities for all ages to engage in God’s mission, both locally and globally.

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