Why We Fast and Pray

In a society that trains us to be independent and strong, fasting can seem very unnatural and unnecessary. But God uses fasting as a doorway to intimacy with Him and a key for breakthrough.



  • Many people think we fast for God so He will hear us or love us more. However, we already have His love and His ear! In reality, fasting is for us. It humbles us and teaches us to depend on God and not ourselves. Ways to experience personal transformation through fasting:
    • Let God speak into your fast. He might tell you to only drink water or juice, give up one meal a day, or maybe He’ll encourage you to also give up social media for the time. Fasting is about you depending on God and creating space for Him to speak. There is no particular formula for you to follow.
    • Block out intentional time to worship and pray rather than filling your schedule with more tasks. We encourage you to join us for corporate prayer times in the Prayer Center.
    • Every time you grow hungry, acknowledge God’s presence around you. Ask Him how He is moving and how you can respond.
    • Find Scriptures to meditate on throughout the day, letting the Word of God renew your mind and refresh your spirit.


  • Fasting is a key for breakthrough in others, because when we are dependent on Him, we will naturally pray more and with more faith.
  • Ask God if there is a family member or friend you can be believing for. Go into the fast with a couple people or situations in which you are praying for breakthrough.
  • Intentionally pray for those people or situations throughout the day. Ask God to give you His heart for the specific people you are praying for.
  • Journal anything God speaks for those people or situations and watch God answer prayer! The Bible says that when we ask, God hears us, and He is faithful to answer (1 John 5:14). So, we can confidently contend for breakthrough, believing it will come to pass.

When we schedule corporate fasts, we are coming together to seek God through fasting and prayer. We believe there is a grace on our church family to be a spring of life as we respond to God’s call to re-dig ancient wells. We invite you to jump in with us as we contend for revival and breakthrough in our personal lives, in the lives of those around us and in the lives of people throughout the world.