Letting Go of the Past; Giving Thanks for the Present; Looking forward with Hope

Liminal: relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process. Liminal circumstances can often feel like limbo, not being settled on either side of a thing. If we engage liminal spaces appropriately, though, they can be an opportunity for transformation. How can we best take advantage of liminal spaces? By letting go of the past, giving thanks for the present and looking forward with hope.

Yet for Us | The Gospel and Sexuality Part 2

The ability to restrain our passions and impulses is a gift that transforms us, disciplining our desires to become selfless and not selfish. The way we steward our sexuality becomes a witness to the world—a living metaphor—a portrait of Christ himself and the Church, a window through which the world can see God and His good intention. Conversely, when we use our bodies outside of God’s design, we rob the world of what it looks like to be made in the image of God. Let’s grab hold of the freedom God offers, and glorify him with all we have.

Yet for Us | The Waters We’re Swimming In

In the midst of culture shifting, whether it leads to our promotion or persecution, as followers of Jesus our beliefs are not the same as the world. We will either live a life of blended spirituality or one that has been distilled to potency. But, there is hope: Jesus has always been and will forever be enthroned.

Reset // Fixed Point

In our personal ever-changing circumstances and the shifting culture of the world, we need to have a towering vision of Jesus Christ. Regardless of whether or not our external circumstances change, meeting with Jesus changes our internal reality.