New Normal // A Life of Boldness

One of our new Elders and Global Director of Unbound, Susan Peters, challenged us to live boldly in our New Normal. Can we respond as Stephen did in Acts 6 & 7, able to stand in adversity by standing on the Word of God? Are we moved by this world or are we moved by God alone? May we prioritize faithfulness and pray for boldness–not just for the sake of being bold but for the sake of the Gospel.

Family Matters // Part Two

This week Susan Peters shared part two of our series, Family Matters. Throughout our series we are unpacking the book of Ephesians, and talking about what it means to be a part of God’s family. Because we are a part of God’s family, the way we live matters. It is our natural tendency to put ourselves first, but we are a part of something much bigger! We took a deeper look at Ephesians two, and talked about who we were, who we are in Christ and who we hope to be.

Live Courageously

This morning Impact Waco director Susan Peters shared on living courageously in the midst of transition. As we prepare to transition into a new year, we have to let let go of some things in order to embrace all that is ahead. We spent most of our morning in Joshua 1:1-9; where we find Joshua stepping into transition after the death of Moses. Throughout the passage, God calls Joshua to be strong and courageous. He calls us to the very same thing. God knows we are prone to fear, and in His kindness, He encourages us and tells us not to fear.

Father’s Day 2018

This week we celebrated and honored our dads with a special Father’s Day message from Susan Peters. We spent the morning looking at the life of Jacob. Jacob’s past made him seem like he didn’t have what it took to be a father or husband. But God intervened, filled the gap and equipped him with everything he needed.

Restoring our Brokenness

Susan Peters continues our Health of the House series with a message on how God restores our brokenness.