Yet for Us | Kingdom Culture

The only way the Church can ever come together on what divides us is to be submitted under the rule and reign of Jesus, following the leadership of the Holy Spirit. No matter our opinions, we are called to have a heart of unity.

Reset // Resolving Conflict Part 1

The key to resolving conflict is dying to yourself. Death is not the objective, but rather the call to live in greater spiritual and relational capacity through the life of Christ.

Ekklesia // A People of Sacrifice

The Church is called to be a sacrificial people, and just as it was true in the first century, it is true today. Sacrifice is painful, but the results are powerful. Where and who can we sacrifice for so that the Kingdom of God is expressed through us as a people?

40 Days of Purpose // The Pathway to Purpose

Worship is one of the most powerful tools we have. This forever purpose refocuses us and creates pathways to see God at work in our lives now. In the midst of hardship on the journey, giving God a sacrifice of praise has the power to transform those places of pain into places of purpose.

Building Our Life Upon the Rock // You Are Blessed

Being blessed is not primarily getting what you want from God – it’s seeing what you want from God’s perspective. If we have His perspective, we can see the beatitudes more than a list we’re striving for, but a demonstration of God’s character. Whoever you are, wherever you are and whatever the condition of the world you are in, know that you are blessed.

Always Only Jesus // The Power of Jesus’ Prayers

Pain and problems are unavoidable. So it seems the next best thing is to get through them as quickly as possible. But that is not the model Jesus set for us. He demonstrated what it meant to live a lifestyle of prayer, not praying His way out of problems but praying His way through.

New Normal // The Purpose of Change

What if every change we face could be an opportunity to respond to God? Instead of rejection, what if change allows for course correction? Vincent Carpenter continued our New Normal series, sharing from his own personal experience of the real struggle with change but also the incredible ways change can set us up, transform us and position us to see God move.

Better Together // God’s Heart for Relationships

Family Pastor Vincent Carpenter continued our Better Together series, sharing what it means to be part of the Body of Christ and how we are all called to place honor upon each other. Every part of the human body is important, and the same goes for the church body. Without each other, we would miss the fullest picture God is revealing of Himself on the earth through the Church.

Super Natural // Fruit of the Holy Spirit

Family Pastor Vincent Carpenter wrapped up our Super Natural series with a sermon on the fruit of the Holy Spirit. The fruit has nothing to do with us but can only be produced by the power of the Holy Spirit at work inside us. While we can’t produce it, we can cultivate our lives in such a way that spiritual fruit can grow, sowing in the spirit in what we listen to, think about, talk about and how we respond in life.

Be sure to tune in next week as we kick off a new series.