Top 10 Things To Do for a Powerful Thanksgiving


1. Journal a list of things you’re thankful for from this past year. (One idea is to wake up early and make a list of 10 things.)

2. Ask God to speak to you about His thankfulness to you for things done in the past year. (“Lord, where are you proud of me, or what have I done that is honoring and pleasing to You?”)

3. Text an encouragement of gratitude to someone God puts on your heart.


4. Take a walk with a child, spouse or family member. (Ask them, “What is one thing you want me to know about your life?” or “What is one thing you’d like to know about my life?”)

5. Ask forgiveness from someone you know that you’ve hurt or need to reconcile with.

6. Be intentional while kids nap or after they go to bed. Get some adult time to play a game or worship to a song. Ask how you can pray for each other and take time to do that.


7. Pass around a bowl with creative questions about life and have each person pick one to answer.

8. Have a jar in the middle of the table. Have everyone write down two things they’re thankful for on separate strips of paper. Mix it up. Pull out pieces of paper during the meal and guess who wrote what, then have them expound on it.

9. Highlight a family member (parents or grandparents) to honor them and encourage them.

10. Play a group game with prizes.

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